"Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" - Aiden De Gawain
Aiden De Gawain

Aiden De Gawain

Bio Profile
Full Name Aiden De Gawain
  • Duke De Gawain
  • Lion of Rohiria
Gender Male
Age 22
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6 foot 4 inches
Build Slim and muscular
Date of Birth 15th October
Status Alive
Species Gaian
Ethnicity Rohirian
Blood Type AB Negative Type
Affiliation Profile
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • Longsword Combat
  • Sword and Shield Combat
Magic Proficiency Templar Order Magic
Fighting Styles Gawain Knight Style


Aiden is a Templar from the Rohirian Holy Empire who was sent as an envoy to the holders of the other 5 sacred Jewels of Eventide. Within the Templar order he is a part of the chapter called the Chevaliers De Ciel, who guard the Jewel of Eventide in the Empire's possession known as the "Angeli Pinnam". As part of this elite chapter he carries the title of Chevalier De Ciel and due to his lineage, being born as the eldest son of the Noble House of Gawain, he also carries the title Duke De Gawain.


Aiden is a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes, who has tall and muscular frame.

Whenever he is in his armour Aiden wears a gold trimmed red cloak with the Templar Order's Crest emboss upon it.


Aiden is a haughty young man who is completely secure in the idea that he is superior to almost everyone he meets. He does not openly rub this in their faces, but they mostly treated with a thin veneer of polite disdain. Despite his politeness he still comes off as arrogant and uncaring, he is rational and logical man, who views being openly emotional and public kind as beneath him. 

He is extremely proud of the fact his is a Templar Elite and believes it is his duty to embody aristocratic nobility and knightly dignity at all times. In reality he is much kinder and gentler than he appears to be, being careful to hide his emotions and acts of kindness behind his duty to heal and care as a Templar. Whenever he is healing someone or giving care he always does so with a world weariness that implies he'd rather be somewhere else, in reality his weariness is with the fact that people are still suffering. However his considers those feelings a weakness and is careful to hide them.

His aristocratic background causes him to be treated like royalty by those who know of his lineage, even outside of the Rohirian Holy Empire. His obvious wealth also brings about this respect from most of those around him, as many of them believe that this is the way to gain monetary favour from him. Aiden despises the money seeking sycophants and normally keeps them at arms length until he can find a way to put their lust for his money to use.

Aiden is a great believer that in extreme circumstances, the ends must justify the means and that sometimes in order to prevent a great evil from happening a lesser evil must take place. He is willing to become the necessary evil for the greater good and considers this to be something all must be willing to do in order to create a better world.


Noble House of Gawain

Gawain Family Crest
As the eldest son of the Noble House of Gawain, Aiden has grown up with a great deal of expectation aimed his way. He was never allowed to forget those expectations as he grew up training in Gawain Knight Style with his family and training in the Templar Arts with the Order. As such he spent most of his time training and never was emotionally close to most of his family. Despite this he feels and an intense familial loyalty, though this stems more from duty than feeling.

The family is in the public eye on a regular basis due to their regular contact with the Angeli Pinnam and their role and champions of the empire.

In political circles the Noble House of Gawain hold great power and are regularly sought by those in high position.

Kazumi Hiren

Kazumi and Aiden were introduced at the during the Land Blessing Festival, where Kazumi was leading the ceremony using the "Kami no Tamagushi".

Gerlof Henricus

Gerlof and Aiden


Gawain Knight Style

The Gawain Knight style is the combat system developed by the Gawain lineage for over a two centuries. It was designed with the purpose of defending the users allies from harm whilst taking as little damage as possible himself. It makes use of the entire sword as a weapon, not merely the edge or tip. Unlike many other swordsmanship styles the Gawain Knight Style is designed to be a complete combat system allowing the user to attack or defend with great agility, speed and power at all times.

Templar Knight Style

The Templar Knight Style is the general combat system developed for the Templar Order for use in combat in conjunction with their magic style. It's designed with the purpose of being able to absorb damage with taking serious harm for extended periods in battle. The style is designed to draw in as many opponents as possible in a battle in order to divert their attention away from the Templar's allies.

Hospitaller Arts

The Hospitaller Arts are based around caring for patients and using Holy Healing. All Templars are raised to be medics and healers with clinical skills that make them the best at running hospitals in the world.

Templar Order Magic

Templar Order Magic revolves around the invocation of angels to empower the user to be able to do certain things. The user can:

  • Have a greater presence to those around them whether it is intimidating or benign.
  • Take the damage dealt to another upon himself for a short time.
  • Create a massive electrical charge either upon his weapon or opponent.
  • Enhancing their speed to superhuman levels.
  • Enhancing their strength to superhuman levels.
  • Rally the courage of those around them.
  • Create a narcotic like happiness upon those he is in close proximity to.
  • Cast a glamour spell upon himself and those he is in close proximity to.
  • Cast a darkness spell around himself.
  • Cast a sight enhancing spell upon himself or another he is in close proximity to.
  • Cast a sound amplifying spell upon himself or he is in close proximity to.
  • Heal wounds, illnesses and injuries using magic.
  • Cast a compulsion spell upon someone he is in close proximity to.
  • Cast a fire spell to near to themselves or at a target.
  • Force a nearby target to judge their own worth to the world.




The ancient family sword passed down through the generations from the progenitor of the Noble House of Gawain. The sword was created specifically for use with the Templar Magic. In the hands of the original Gawain, the sword won many battles against barbarous raiders, slavers and bandits who threatened the peace of the land.

It was created with a method and design given to a blacksmith by The Angeli Pinnam in a vision. It was made to serve as the sword of the original Gawain and to protect the innocent. The sword possesses the ability to resonate with the magic of the user and amplify their physical and magical strengths, these abilities make their wielder of Galatine a force to be reckoned with. The is a trade off for these strengths is that the sword can never be drawn in anger and becomes progressively heavier in the hand of an aggressive wielder.

The weapon is considered to be a holy relic and many have tried to take it from those of the Gawain lineage. On several occasions the Templar Order have ordered the the Noble House of Gawain to surrender the sword, however there has yet to be a successful attempt for someone to user the sword who was not of the Gawain lineage.

Castellum Clypeum

Castellum Clypeum

The Castellum Clypeum or The Fortress Shield is solid steel shield that Aiden always carries. Created after the fall Heimskringla Citadel from the steel that made its once mighty Dragon Gate.

The fortress was the centre of human sacrifice and slavery for an entire kingdom. The kingdom had taken to raiding the fringes of the Rohirian Holy Empire to find more sacrifices. When the Templar Order learned of this place they could not stand for it to continue and so they beseeched the emperor of the time to allow them to lead an army to destroy the monstrosity of a citadel.

After a year long siege a Templar led assault knocked the gatehouse down and the citadel was sacked. However even after a year of assault and the collapse of its gatehouse the gate itself was barely damaged. So the Templars took the centre of the Dragon Gate and reforged it into a shield.

This shield was presented to the commander of the siege, a man of the Gawain lineage and Aiden's grandfather. From then it was passed from father to son until it reached Aiden. Although not designed to be magical the shield is extremely strong and has yet to yield so much as a scratch or dent.


  • Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who will guard the guardians?)
  • Absentem laedit cum ebrio qui litigat. (Experience is the best teacher)
  • Usus est magister optimus. (To quarrel with a drunk is to wrong a man who is not there)