Ryder's Bow

Alaran Reflex Bow

The Alaran relfex bow was the primary ranged weapon of the Alaran Peacekeeper Army during the height of their power. It was an extremely effective long range weapon whilst still being small enough to not force the soldier carrying it to act exclusively as an archer. Its size allowed for Alaran Peacekeeper troops to be highly versatile, switching from melee, to ranged to support roles at a moment's notice.

Every Alaran was taught how to make the bow by themselves and it was a family carried tradition that was passed from parents to children. They began at a very young age so that making a new bow to replace the old would become second nature to the children.

Ryder always carried his Alaran Reflex bow during his training and made a point of beating the scores of every other archer in his training batch so the officers could have no cause to order his to use another bow.