Aptitude Of Souls
Chapter 1
Chapter 3

Eight by Eight

The walk to safety was long and every step felt as if it took a full minute to take as River followed in his rescuer's wake. Every time his rescuer turned to look around, the look in his eyes made River's blood ran cold. The feeling made him want to run but each time he fought down the urge as the memory of the rain attacking him flashed back.

Finally after what felt like an eternity the pair arrived at an abandoned warehouse near the city waterfront. It's windows were boarded blocking all views inside the building. In the centre of the warehouse floor was what looked like a smaller building made out of shipping containers. "Put your phone in the box on the table, we don't take anything in thet can trace."

River looked at him like he was mad "I've trusted you so far because you saved me from.............attacking............water?" He shook his head "None of which made sense so I followed you, but you're going to have to explain more before I start giving up phones." The man glared at him for a moment with an icy stare that made him want to run again. Then he spoke "The water that attacked you was being controlled by someone. They were hunting me when they sensed your energy. The organisation he works for have two rules for everything 'Control it or Kill it'. It seems you fall into the second." He took his own phone out and put it in the box, "That's all I'll say out here. I won't risk saying more until we're secure."

River was bursting with both annoyance and questions, as he watched the man who saved him dial in a code on the metal door's lock and step inside. River rubbed his eyes as his hand fished in his pocket for his phone. He dropped it in the box and followed the man inside.

As he walked through the door he saw a a symbol sprayed on the far wall. An Omega sprayed in blood red. River sighed to himself 'Great, because a blood red Omega isn't ominous at at all' he rolled his eyes.

Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Aptitude Of Souls


  • Opening in Darius's base.
  • Intro to the 8 by 8 chi concept.
  • Intro to the Council of Souls and their Hunters.
  • Intro to the Omega Familiars.
  • Darius shows his chi power for the first time.
  • River's chi abilities are forcibly awakened by Darius.
  • River's first fight with a Hunter.
  • Their escape and the birth of Taget Delta.

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