Aurelia Flavia Luciana

Aurelia Flavia Luciana

Bio Profile
Full Name Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st
  • Empress of Alquvia
  • Heart of the Luciai
  • Songbird of the Empire
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Date of Birth 5th September
Status Active
Ethnicity Alquvian
Blood Type AB Rh D Negative
Affiliation Profile
Affiliation Alquvian Empire
Rank Empress
Skill Profile
Role Figurehead and Negotiator
Weapons Proficiency Gladius
Fighting Styles Alquvian High Guard Style


Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st is the Empress of the Alquvian Empire and perhaps the most important figure in world politics. She was born and raised in Alquvia, capital of the Alquvian Empire, spending most of her early life within the confines of the imperial palace learning everything she needed to one day rule the empire.



  • Aurerlia loves to be around children and shows a great deal of care for them.
  • She loves food and can cook good tasting food, but it never looks particularly apetitsing.
  • She loves jewels and shiny objects, regularly wanting to buy new jewelry that she's fallen in love with.
  • She is very emotionally stable, almost to the point of emotional indifference. However she does have a bit of a temper, which builds up like a timebomb after a sustained period of annoyance.
  • She not a very argumentative person.
  • She's easily startled by being grabbed or sudden loud noises.
  • She has a very creative mind allowing her to create the utmost beauty in her sketches and songs.
  • She has a tendancy to overspend on things she likes, including things like bamboo plants and manga stuff.
  • She's very cuddly to people she likes. It's the main way you can tell if she likes you.
  • She cannot swim.
  • Despite her claims of being lazy, she tends to go on really long walks a lot.
  • She can be incredibly cute despite not wanting to be, occasionally growling or moving her hand in the motion of a cute paw playing with you. Often mumbling in a cute manner too.
  • She can become oblivious pretty easily, delving off into a world of her own.
  • She has a good fashion sense and when she was empress had an extensive wardrobe.
  • She has really cute hiccups and a nice laugh.
  • She has a habit of always taking the blame whether it be her fault or not.
  • Aurelia is an avid player of chess
  • She is quite weak and fragile. Despite numerous attempts and methods to prove it wrong.
  • Her sense of humour allows her to see the bright side after almost anything terrible could have happened.
  • She has a habit of always letting herself be blamed and always taking the blame, despite alot of it never being her fault. Including when all she did was the right thing, letting people blame her so that they can feel better.
  • She is incredibly good at holding herself back from doing certain things. Despite numerous temptations to do them.
  • Has a habit of falling asleep on someone she is cuddled up with.
  • She is an honest person but can hide the honesty without lying when she does not want to hurt someone.
  • She tends to be the one taking care of her friends when they need it (In some cases trying to take care of them) unless of course alcohol or skittles get to her. Then she is the one that needs the taking care of.
  • Despite all of this, she is incredibly understanding and has alot of heart for someone with a broken one.
  • Trusting people can take some time, it's hard for her to do so. But when you've got it you can tell, and if you don't you wouldn't notice. But if you lose it it's gone for good.
  • She has big oogly eyes that are easy to get lost in. With a smile that can brighten your day should you manage to get her to show it.
  • It is easy for her to see if someone is upset, often trying her best to help them even if she cannot be bothered to.
  • Can be embaressed quite easily. To the point where she will hide her face in shame or to hide her red cheeks.
  • Likes flowers, and really appreciates it when you're just there for her for the sake of it. Not for a selfish desire.
  • Accepts any challenge if it's to defeat people she is rivalled with, no matter what it is. As she can sometimes be competitive.
  • Loves unique things and prefers the unique and humorous things over just cutesy stuff. 
  • Aurelia is not a fan of family or official functions


Expert Politician

As an expert politican Aurelia is one of the few who can understand the big picture of what is happening in the world and what the consequences of the group's actions would be. Without her experience and knowledge the group would have lost their way and not been able to gather the help they so desparately needed.

Master Negotiator

Master Artist

Aurelia is an acomplished artist.


Alquvian High Guard Gladius

Alquvian High Guard Gladius
Aurelia's weapon is a gladius given to her by the commander of her High Guard when she was forced to flee the Imperial Palace. After being given the weapon her High Guard fought a valiant rear guard action to buy her the time she needed to safely escape the palace.

Despite not being an active participant in military actions Aurelia was trained in the use of the sword by her High Guard in case of an emergency. Whils she never became a master of the sword, due to the many other duties that her psotion required her to perform, she did become very skilled with a blade.

She considers the sword to be both a treasure and a reminder. A treasure given to her by the friends who protected her for so long and a reminder of the price that the people around you might have to pay when you're in a position of power.

Phóinīx Talōs

Aurelia's Phoenix Talon

Aurelia's primary weapon is the Phóinīx Talōs (φοίνιξ Τάλως or Phoenix Talon). It was the blade of the last ancient ruler of the continent, The Phoenix Queen. It was one of the proofs of legitimacy of the throne and gave rise to many myths.

Made from Spíthan Steel (Sparking Steel) the sword gives off sparks when it comes into contact with other metals. In battle these sparks create a momentary distraction when the user crosses blades with the enemy. This gives the user who knows this effect will take place a great advantage over the surprised opponent.

In ceremonial situations the blade gave a sense of majesty to proceedings and was able to activate some of the civilization's greatest creations.

Banner of the Empress
Aurelia has a personal standard designed by herself at the request of her High Guard. The banner was designed to act as a marker and a source of inspiraton to those around her letting them know that their empress was amongst them.


Aurelia's Kithara
Aurelia's favourite instrument it the kithara, a small stringed instrument that is extremely popular withing the empire.



Chief Alrekr The Bloodfist

Bassed off User:1NF3RNO

Alrekr is the tribal chief of the Hádreki, the masters of the Þrymja Fjalls.

Imperial Envoy Arash Govad

Bassed off User:Wyvern 0m3g4

Arash Govad is the envoy to the Alquvian Empire from the Falshin Empire. He is the voice of an Falshin Empire that speaks to the Empress of Alquvia and the Alquvian Senate

Legatus Regulus Valerius Primus

Bassed off User:Kai-De-Avalon

Regulus is the former Legatus of the 12th Alquvian Legion and an exile. His exile was pushed for by powerful members of the senate who were motivated by gender politics.

Eder Basajaun

Bassed off User:13th madman

A strange hat wearing druid or pirate or general rogue who preaches and enacts the anarchist philosophy wherever he goes.

  • Is happy to jump at the chance to cause chaos and be paid for the privalege.
  • He will cause trouble and spread a little chaos wherever he goes, unless it is detramental to his goal of getting the empress back on the throne and getting his fortune.
  • He fills the role of The Lancer in the Five Man Band Trope


Spahbed Daršam Arika

Based off Jakyou

  • He is very creative and a deep thinker. He also tends to think and plan incredibly quickly.
  • He's fiercely loyal to anyone he becomes closely attached to. Even resorting to violence to defend someone.
  • He does his best to display a fascade of patience and anger control, seeing as he feels it's necessary for someone in his position.
  • He has a sense of humor and makes use of puns.

Daršam means 'Greatly' in Old Iranian. Arika means "Treacherous" in Old Iranian. All together the name means "Greatly Treacherous".

Padouspan Zahhak Dakhma

Based off User:FoolishMortalFOOL

He is the Vice-General of the invading army who captured Alquvia, the capital of the empire.

Zahhak means 'Dragon' in Persian. Dakhma means "Crypt" in Persian. All together the name means "Dragon Crypt".

Padouspan Hamza Parisa

Based off Undead Hero

The name Hamza means Strong. The name Parisa means Like A Fairy. The name all together means Strong Like A Fairy. Or Brîska meaning glitter, which all together would mean Glitter Like A Fairy.

Senator Aedifica Cassia Omid

Based off User:NadaAsar

  • She works with the invaders from within the senate, helping to push Regulus into exile. Using other women to push her agenda.
  • She is the first not fulll blooded Alquvian to become a Senator. She's a master architect who helped design some of the greatest buildings in the captial.
  • She makes herself the leader of the rebels and uses her extensive architectural knowledge to hide them in various hidden places, then brings forth the invaders to flush out an wipe out any rebels in the capital.
  • Character reference Zaha Hadid.

Aedifica is a deritive of aedificis means "builder, contractor, architect, maker" in Latin. Cassia is a deritive cassius means "empty" in latin. Omid means Hope in Persian. All together the names means "Architect of Empty Hope".

The Pirate

Based off User:Marcus Junior


Tribal Augur

Bassed off User:Generalizer0

The Circus Master

Based off User:Powerhouse411

The master of a traveling circus with people who fight wild beasts, songstresses and clowns. He allows the group to hide within his circus for a short time.



  • Aurelia was raised to be the leader of one of the largest empires in the world.


  • The image used to represent Aurelia is a piece created by the mangaka Memessa of, any requests for removal will be honoured.
  • Bassed off User:FadingSoul
  • Aurelia is the feminine version of Aurelius meaning Golden or Gilded.
  • Flavia is the feminine version of Flavius meaning Golden or Yellow Haired.
  • Luciana is the feminine version of Lucius which is dervied from Lux meaning Light.
  • Combined her name means Gilded Golden Light.