Aurora Upper Body

Bio Profile
Full Name Aurora
Gender Female
Age 5
Date of Birth 1st January
Ethnicity Tongalin/Starwhale Hybrid
Blood Type Phorsor B Rh Postive
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 95 lbs
Family N/A
Service Record
Rank Ship's Interface
Affiliation Hereclisian Star Navy
Ships Served On H.S.S Artemis
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency Heat Edged Blade Fan
Fighting Styles
  • Hereclisian Star Navy Justsu


Aurora is the genetically modified human and star whale hybrid, created to be the interface link between the crew of the Artemis and the cyber altered Starwhale brain that is the Artemis's computer core. Her genetic alterations caused accelerated growth to bypass most of her making her only five years old, but with the physical and mental development of a late teen. However her emotional development is not at that level yet. She learns to defend herself using the twin blade fans.


Aurora physical build appears extremely similar to the humanoids from which she was developed. However her skin pigmentation is outwardly similar to the Starwhales from whom her DNA is partly made up.


Initially Aurora is extremely nieve believing almost anything she is told and with complete trust in all she meets. However she soon learns from contact with the former crew of the H.S.S. Pan that the trust she was showing to the Tongalin scnientist who created her was misplaced. A fact that was cemented when during a medical exam she was discovered to have a small explosive device inplanted at the base of her skull.





Aurora has a symbyotic relationship with the Artemis and the two are almost always in telepathic contact. Whilst Aurora is the lesser partner in the relationship she is able to effect change within Artemis and is allowed some level of command and control ability with her "systems".