Welcome to the Avalon Kingdom Wiki

This wiki is the personal creative space of Kai De Avalon and Fading Soul. Where stories, concepts, ideas and characters are put some are original creations, some are other people's concepts which are being used for fun.

There are several different story lines currently being worked on:

Hunter's Moon
Aurora Dancing With The Sky Logo Phoenix Hunting The Wolf Logo Dimensional Rift

Aptitude Of Souls Kingdoms Of The Soul Howling Against The Dark Logo Meta Symbol Jedi Symbol Starfleet Emblem Templar Order Symbol Archangel Logo Angel Emblem Dogs of the Light The Evolved


None of the visual artwork displayed on this wikia was created by myself. I do not claim ownership, copyright or credit for any of the images displayed herein. All images are merely being used as a visual aid and representation to add weight to the descriptions of my characters, settings and objects. Any request by the original creators of the content for it to no longer be used will be honoured.

Latest activity

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