Storm Blade Style Emblem

Bào Wáng Lù (lit. Storm King Way or 暴王路) is Dante's own variation of a faced paced style of swordsmanship he picked up on his travels.

In order to use this style Dante wears no armour of any kind, this is because as he feels more encumbered and less able to use his signature magics. The only weapon he ever carries is his single edged Gāi Àn Léi.

His greatest weapon is his superhuman speed drawn from the use of the thunder magics upon himself. In combat he is able to out move and out think his opponents allowing him to gain victory without taking harm.

Principles Of Storm Blade Style

The style works upon a very simple premise "Strike fast, strike unexpectedly, strike precisely and victory will always be yours". Focusing less upon physical strength or sword vs sword skill, Storm Blade Style focuses more upon decieving an opponent with feints and striking faster than they can react.

The emblem of the style represents the principles of the style. In the centre are The Three Great Movement Principles; Footwork, Bodywork and Blade Work. Surrounding those are the Five True Intentions; Attack, Defend, Evade, Counter and Escape. The Five Prime Paths; Front, Rear, Beside, Above and Below. The outline of the emblem respresents the style as a whole, the all encompassing style.

The Three Great Movements


Storm Blade Style uses off line footwork


Blade Work

The Five True Intentions






The Five Prime Paths






Combat Forms

1st Form: Flash Draw

Flash Draw is the 1st Form of the Storm Blade Style as is it almost always the first technique employed in combat. It uses Dante's signature Thunder Sorcery to charge the sheath and take advantage of the special properties of Gāi Àn Léi's sheath. When charged by Dante's lightning the blade and sheath take on opposing magnetic charges and the blade is launched out of the sheath. This allows for a draw that is not only superhumanly fast but also one that cannot be predicted as there are no muscle movements to give away it's intentions.

2nd Form:

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