He's the most fascinating and infuriating man I have ever met. - Olivia Läikiv
Caiden Wolff

Caiden Wolff

Bio Profile
Full Name Caiden Wolff
Title Nurse Practitioner
Gender Male
Age 26
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6 foot 4
Build Thin/Toned
Date of Birth 7th April
Status Alive
Species Human
Ethnicity British
Blood Type Type O Negative
Alignment Profile
Alignment Neutral Good
Class Nurse Practitoner
Role Support
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • FN P-90
  • Wraith Stunner
Skill Proficiency
  • Emergency Triage
  • Intensive Care
Fighting Styles Krav Maga




Olivia Läikiv



FN P90

FN P90

Like all members of the Atlantis off world expedition teams, Caiden is trained in the use of the FN P90. As part of the battlefield medevac team Caiden has extensve experience in operating under fire and defending himself and his patients.

Wraith Handblaster

Wraith Handblaster

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