Full Name Cain
Meaning Spear of Fate
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 17th July
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 6 foot 3 inches
Eye Colour Blue/Gray
Hair Colour Black
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Professional Information
Affiliation Grey Jedi
Class Jedi Seer
Partner Sophiia al Lilyhelm
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Eriadu
Personal Information
Status Active
Jedi Style
Lightsaber Colour The Darksaber
Signature Blade Skill Surgical Strike
Force Abilities
Signature Light Power Advanced Precognition
Signature Neutral Power Shatterpoint
Signature Dark Power Deadly Sight


Cain was born outside of the confines core systems on a mercenary star cruiser, his family serving the leader of the clans as servants. At a young age his father and mother, managed to secure Cain's escape an uncharted world. His parents had been told of a peaceful force user order on the world, the Monks of the Lifepool. After his crash Cain was rescued by the monks. The monks were believers of The Unifying Force who discovered Cain's potential as a powerful force user and seer.

Their monastery was set upon the a powerful Force Nexus known as the Lifepool. His Force Sensitivity was enhanced by prolonged exposure to the Nexus, giving him constant passive visions of the future, giving him permanent insight into what is and what could be. After training his abilities to the pinnacle of what they could achieve with their knowledge, Cain set out into the galaxy.


Cain's visions are a great burden to him as he can see how the actions of those around him have vast unforeseen consequences. He finds himself drawn to what he calls "crossroads of fate". Places in the galaxy where the actions of those there will have wide and lasting effects in the timeline.

However as with many of those with great power Cain tries not use his ability in every day life. Trying to live without knowing everything that will happen

Despite not viewing himself as openly benevolent, Cain would cannot leave those innocents to suffer. Many times this conflicts with his visions and his mission to bring about positive change in the galaxy.


Lightsaber Combat

Cain mastered the lightsaber form Niman taught to him by the Monks of the Lifepool. The Abbot of the monks learned the form from a Jedi he met on a pilgrimage to a Force Nexus.

The form is easily mastered and well balanced. With its success being dependent upon the practitioners intuition and creativity, Cain's power of constant prophecy makes him the perfect user for the form. His power gives him the ability to overcome the weaknesses of the style, removing the vulnerabilities to more aggressive specialised styles and open battlefield conditions. This being done by Cain knowing his opponent's next more before they make it.


Force Adept

Cain is an extremely powerful Force Adept, raised and trained by the Monks of the Lifepool. His ability to use the force is above the level of most Jedi Knights. Capable of incredible feats of power Cain's primary weapon in combat are his force abilities.

Constant Prophecy

Cain like many force users has the ability perceive future events, however unlike anyone else his ability cannot be turned off. At all times he is given visions of what is to come depending on the will of the force, this can be both a blessing and a curse as the visions can provide warnings of impending danger or visions of deaths that cannot be avoided. Over the course of his training Cain came to terms with the burden of his power and began to view it as a terrible privilege.


The Darksaber


Cain obtained The Darksaber in a duel with the head of security of Vau Tong, the most influential information broker in the outer rim. The head of security was a veteran soldier and an expert blade user, yet he was no match for Cain's abilities.

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