Angel Emblem

This is the category for all the stories, characters, weapons, settings, contexts and concepts related to the fictional Balance Of Worlds universe.

The universe of the Balance Of Worlds has three realms the human world, heaven and hell. The modern world has been flooded by demonic power with more humans than ever before the world had begun to spiral out of control. With an era of darkness looming ahead and the hands of heaven tied by gods command that man should decide the fate of their own world. Heaven was forced into a drastic course of action.

So an ancient initiative was revived with the purpose of stemming the rising tide of demonic deals being made by mortals. Heaven began making deals too, offering worthy souls bound for purgatory or hell a chance of redemption by serving heaven as Nephilim. The first of the new Nephilim was Ryder De Saule, a good man of pure intentions who had failed to live as a pious man.

Now given the chance to save his own soul from the mortal and venial sins of his past Ryder walks the earth in search of the demons and those who have bound themselves to them. This is the story of one man's quest to use the power of heaven to save humanity from the demon menace and themselves.