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Dandelion's Symbol
Dandelion Fueur
Full Name Dandelion Fureur
Meaning Lion Tooth Fury
Kanji タンポポの怒り
Romanji Tanpopo no ikari
General Information
Race Human
Ethnicity Unknown
Birthdate 7th September
Age 17
Gender FemaleIcon Female
Height 5 foot 10 inches
Weight 138 llbs
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Red
Blood Type A Rh D Negative
Professional Information
Affiliation Hunters of Vale
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Hunter Team Member
Previous Occupation ?
Team Team LORD
Previous Team N/A
Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Beacon Academy
Personal Information
Education Beacon Academy
Marital Status Single
Family Unknown
Status Active
Combat Abilities
Weapon Preference Shotgun and multiple revolvers
Signature Combat Style Gun-Fu
Sembelence Power
Semblence Name ?
Semblence Power ?


Dandelion Fureur is the D of Team LORD and its primary ranged combatant.


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