Danica Isidora

Danica Isidora

Bio Profile
Full Name Danica Isidora
Titles The Valkyrie
Gender Female
Age 19
Hair Colour Purple
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5 foot 9 inches
Build Slim and curvy
Date of Birth 4th March
Status Active Combatant
Species Human
Ethnicity Serbian
Blood Type AB Negative Type
Affiliation Profile
Affiliation Humanity
Rank Exorcist
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • Shotgun Combat
  • Rifle Combat
  • Knife Combat
Magic Proficiency Enochian Magics (with asssistance)
Fighting Styles Enochian Martial Style




As a child Danica did everything she could to rebel against her father's wishes. His radical neo-puritan beliefs trying to force her into a life of servitude. However weak willed as he was he never could get her to obey him and became increasingly violent as time went on.


Ryder De Saule

Danica and Ryder first met by chance when they were both hunting in a town controlled by vampires. Danica was caught in a sticky situation and was rescued by Ryder using his Nephilim abilities.


Camael is the Chief of the Powers, Angels of the second sphere of Heaven. She was the Angel who made the deal with Ryder to send him back to earth as a Nephilim in order to serve heaven and save his soul from eternal torment.


Metatron is the Scribe of God and is of the Angels of the first sphere of Heaven. He is one of the few Angels permitted to look upon the true countenance of god and acts as his voice to those unable to withstand its majesty.


Gabriel an archangel and is one of the Angels in the thrid sphere of Heaven. Whilst being low in the angelic heirachy Gabriel is extremely influencial in within the horde of heaven. He was given the role of being a Hand of God, acting as God's messenger to the most important mortals in history. As such he is considered by most to be one of the most important angels in Heaven.


Short and Long Range Marksman

Danica was raised solely by her gun obsessed neo-puritan father. After leaving the army took up the neo-puritan cursade spent his life travelling, hunting and forcing converstion upon people dragging his daughter along with him. However despite his radical religious beliefs the man was an excellent soldier and exorcist.


Sawn Off Mts-255

Sawn Off Mts-255
Danica's close to mid-range weapon is a sawn off Mts-255 soviet shotgun. It can load five 12 Gauge shells which are filled with a mixture of silver pellets and iron pellets (both blessed with holy water) packed with halite and a gunpowder charge. These round are mildly effective against most forms of demons and hell spawn, making it an ideal quick reaction weapon. However if the demons are stong they can resist the purifiying effects of the shells.

Zastava M91

Zavasta M91
Danica's long range weapon is a Zastava M91 scoped rifle. It loads a 7.62×54mmR ammunition which she modifies into Silver Tip Hollow Points, Halite Tip Hollow Points and Pure Iron rounds.



  • The images for Danica are a girl called Alexandra by the photographer Sanna Larsson.


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