Dante Of The Rolling Thunder

Dante Of The Rolling Thunder

Bio Profile
Full Name Dante Stormasserson
Title Dante Of The Rolling Thunder
Gender Male
Age 24
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6 foot 4
Build Thin/Toned
Date of Birth 12th Day of The Seventh Phase
Status Alive
Species Human
Ethnicity Storm Peak Dweller
Blood Type G Type
Alignment Profile
Alignment Neutral Good
Class Sorcerer (4th Level)
Role Striker/Controller
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency Gāi Àn Léi
Magic Proficiency Elemental Sorcery
Fighting Styles Bào Wáng Lù

Theme Song - Blue Bird by IkimonoGakari


Dante Of The Rolling Thunder is a talented young sorcerer hailing out of the great Storm Peaks of the west. In his youth he was discovered to be the most prodigious magical talent the clans had ever seen. He quickly surpassed the other sorcerers in the mountains and in his mid-teens Dante left the Storm Peaks Nation in order to seek his own path.

His first rise to fame came about when he defeated a maleficent royal court wizard. The wizard had been using dark magics to control the royal court and inflict horrors on the ordinary people in order to increase his power. Seeing that there was no one else able to stop this Dante stepped up and challeged to the wizard to a duel. During this duel he gained his title by the use of superhuman speed which allowed him to strike down his foe before anyone could see, leaving observers with nothing to see and the sound of rolling thunder. As evidenced by the sound his unnatural speed coming from his signature electrical magics.

Despite is famous acts of heroism Dante does not actively seek to help people. He merely wishes to see the world and act as his concience demands of him. He is known to travel alongside Kiara Godsworn, an extremely powerful magical individual.


Dante has a cross shaped tattoo on the left side of his neck, it the same shape as the Zeutian Cross. He wears no armour of any kind (as his feels less able to use his magic) and the only weapon he carries is his Gāi Àn Léi.


Dante's is an oddly fickle person who has spent a large portion of his adult life flitting from place to place, using his talent for magic to earn his way.


Kiara Godsworn

Kiara and Dante are the unusual pairing of Maester and Sorcerer, who met during the magic purge of Lavoygne . After a radical element swayed public opinion that magic users were the source of the nation's misfortune, they managed to spark an anti-magic revolution.


Danzurai is a master smith and Sage, considered to be the greatest at his craft in all the world. He is the creator of the Gāi Àn Léi, which he consideres to be one of his greatest creations.


Gāi Àn Léi

Dante's Àn Léi
Dante's Gāi Àn Léi (lit. The Dark Lightning or 該暗雷) is a weapon forged by his own power with the help of the master smith Danzurai. It was made from the Zeutian Cross of the highest Storm Peak, above Zeusar the northern captial of the Storm Peaks Nation.

The Zeutian Cross was stolen by raiders wanting to sell it on the black market. Dante recovered the cross that was taken and brought it back, however the town below the peak refused to accept it's return. They believed the risk of keeping it was too great and so they ordered it's destruction.

Dante took the cross to the master smith Danzurai upon the The Lost Peak. Under the instruction of Danzurai he used concentrated lightning to melt down the Zeutian Cross. With which Danzurai created a special sword capable of channeling the full power of Dante's lightning without melting or becoming dull.


Elemental Sorcery

Elemental Magic
Elemental Sorcery is a style of magic that shapes mana with raw will and talent. Elemental Sorcery is a rare magic as sorcerers are much less common than wizards and are unable to learn sorcery from tomes and mentors. Every sorcerer's way of manipulating mana is different and the style of one would not work for another. Sorcerers have no real spells to use as such but rather they are able to manipulate the form and attributes of their mana to create the similar effects.

Most sorcerers are most effective when using the elemental sorcery they are most attuned to and Dante is no exception. Dante Of The Rolling Thunder is the most famous elemental sorcerers and is known for his creative uses of Thunder Sorcery, so much so that they could be said to be his signature style. However is talents are not limited to that single element and with little effort he is able to make exceptional use of other elements.

Thunder Sorcery

Dante is a master of all forms of Thunder Sorcery. As it is the element that he is most attuned to he is most capable with lightning. Thunder has power over water and is weak to earth.

His signature technique is his Lightning Aura Armour, this is a form cast upon himself that creates a shroud of powerful electrically charged mana around his body. This shroud allows him to accelerate his body, mind and reflexes to far surpass human levels, whilst also being able to deal electrical damage. When using the technique he is able to move and react faster than the eye can follow or the mind can comprehend, even master martial artists and mages would be lucky to be able to catch a glimpse of him.

Fire Sorcery

As the most closely related style to Thunder Sorcery, Dante finds Fire Sorcery the most easily usable techniques after this natural type. Fire has power over air and is weak to water.

Air Sorcery

Air Sorcery are neither here nor there to Dante, whilst they are not his preferred style he is able to make exceptional use of them. Air has power over earth and is weak to fire.

Water Sorcery

Water Sorcery are move completely differently to the mana of thunder, fire and air. As such Dante has greater difficulty with water sorcery. Water has power over fire and is weak to thunder.

Earth Sorcery

Earth Sorcery are the most difficult type of sorcery for Dante to perform, as they are the polar opposite to what he is naturally attuned to. He tends to avoid these magics in high pressure situations as they require more concentration than his natural preference. Earth has power over thunder and is weak to air.


Bào Wáng Lù

Bào Wáng Lù (lit. Storm King Way or 暴王路) is Dante's own variation of a faced paced style of swordsmanship he picked up on his travels. The style works upon a very simple premise "Strike fast, strike unexpectedly, strike precisely and victory will always be yours". Focusing less upon physical strength or sword vs sword skill, Bào Wáng Lù focuses more upon decieving an opponent with fients and striking faster than they can react.

In order to use this style Dante wears no armour of any kind, this is because as he feels more encumbered and less able to use his signature magics. The only weapon he ever carries is his single edged Gāi Àn Léi.

His greatest weapon is his superhuman speed drawn from the use of the thunder magics upon himself. In combat he is able to out move and out think his opponents allowing him to gain victory without taking harm.


Due to Dante's lack of direct physical attack power he has had to become a great tactician in order to survive in combat. His greatest skill being the rapid assessment of an opponent's stengths and weaknesses in order to form an effective strategy.


  • The appearance of Dante is Hitomi of Code:Breaker.
  • The Gāi Àn Léi is Dracule Mihawk's Yoru of One Piece.
  • Dante's speed was inspired by the Godspeed Nen technique used by Killua Zolydck in HunterXHunter.
  • Naruto Shippuden - Girei