Darius Lubran

Darius Lubran

Bio Profile
Full Name Darius Lubran
Titles Target Ω
Gender Male
Age 28
Date of Birth 12th March
Status Active
Ethnicity White "Chinese"
Blood Type B Rh D Negative
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 182 lbs
Family All Killed By Him
Affiliation Omega Familiars
Rank Leader
Loyalty None
Power Profile
Chi Path Earth
Chi Category Consumption Type
Chi Ability Demon's Claw


Darius naturally developing chi user, whose abilities manifested at a young age.


Darius has black hair and black eyes.



Omega Familiars

River Marshall

Darius was River's Shīfu in the arts of practical chi martial arts and the man who forced his chi abilities to begin to manifest. Due to his association with River, River has become known as Target Δ (Target Delta).


Lóng Hún Fēnggé Master

Darius was raised in a chi user monastery after killing his parents, during which time he was taught Lóng Hún Fēnggé (龍魂風格). Lóng Hún Fēnggé is a martial art that requires complete control of chi in every movement it makes. The monks taught him this style in order for him to gain better control when suppressing his abilities.

The monestary believed that the child had merely lose control of his powers and therefore missed his sociopathic nature. They recived outside funding for his care from a group posing as a childrens charity. However in reality the funding was coming from a splinter group of the Council of Souls, incase they ever needed to use him against another chi user faction or against the council itself.


Consumption Type Chi

Consumption Gate Chi, more commonly known as Devouring Chi, is the rare type of chi in the Earth Path that allows it to take in and devour the energy and abilities of other types of chi.

It is the one type of chi that can completely take away and destroy a chi power. Once a Devouring Type user consumes an ability from another chi user there is nothing left of the original ability. This renders the victim unable to ever use that power again.

Demon's Claw

Demons Claw is a devouring type technique The technique allows the user to access any ability he has devoured. However there is a catch. They can only use devoured techniques five times before a self punishing pain wracks their body. Used five times in succession too many times can be deadly.