Ryder Vale (Dark Magic)
Dark Magics are the inherited ability of The Alaran species to absorb and manipulate negative energy into spells. The casting can be extremely hard on the body and in many historical cases consumed the caster. All Dark Magic spells are based around the principles of "Manipulation" and "Distortion".


The original purpose of Dark Magic was to punish the brutality of The Harg who invaded the continent and used innocent civilians as meat shields, whilst they went on their first pillaging raid of the mainland. It was indended to draw upon the negative energies that surround those who perform evil deeds for use against them.


Shadow Step

The Shadow Step is the most difficult and dangerous Dark Magic technique to master. This technique allows the user to instantly transport themselves, by giving their bodies over to the negative energies, dematerialising themselves and passing through the void to the point at which they wish to appear. Once there they use the negative energies to reconstitute themselves, however if they do not have enough energy to do so the body and mind will be lost in the void. Shadow Step is known by another name, "Vale Walking". It gained this name due to the member of the Vale Clan in the military who became masters of it.

Armour Shroud

The Armour Shroud technique is a defense and enhancement technique. This technique creates a defensive layer of dark energy around the user's skin that shield them from harm whilst amplifying strength and speed.

Heart Of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness technique is a technique by which the user can absorb the negative energy around them for use in their spells.

Eyes Of Sin

The Eyes of Sin technique allows the user to perceive negative energies within themselves, others and their surroundings. Places where many deaths have happened are filled with negative energy, also the Harg and Harg Beasts are surrounded by Negativ energy. AS such This ability can be ued to see large groups of Harg from long distances.

Wraith Claws

The Wraith Claws technique is a combat technique that creates claw of dark energy that use that said energy to tear apart anything they come into contact with.


  • Ryder has a great deal of difficulty controlling his Dark Magic abilities due to the massive amount of suppressed anger he has. As such he has occasional flare ups of Dark Magic power that cause him a great deal of pain.