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Elemental Magic

Elemental Sorcery is a style of magic that shapes mana with raw will and talent. Elemental Sorcery is a rare magic as sorcerers are much less common than Maesters and are unable to learn sorcery from tomes and mentors. Every sorcerer's way of manipulating mana is different and the style of one would not work for another. Sorcerers have no real spells to use as such but rather they are able to manipulate the form and attributes of their mana to create the similar effects.

Most sorcerers are most effective when using elemental sorcery and Dante is no exception. Dante Of The Rolling Thunder is the most famous elemental sorcerers and is known for his creative uses of Thunder Sorcery, so much so that they could be said to be his signature style. However is talents are not limited to that single element and with little effort he is able to make exceptional use of other elements.

Sage Of The Elements

The Sage Of The Elements is a myth about elemental sorcery. It is said that once a sorcerer is capable of wielding all 5 elements simulatneously, that they would be able to change the entire world.