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Fate, Fateful and Fated

The Jedi Temple,Courescant

To Sophiia, the hallowed halls of the Jedi Temple always seemed to be filled with light, life and majesty. As if the walls themselves were the embodiment of the order's beliefs. Serenity seemed to exude from all who walked amongst them. For one who walked into darkness for her order, returning to the temple was like a sacred cleansing. The summons from the Council of First Knowledge had come in the late morning, so the afternoon sun bathed the Tower of First Knowledge in its light. The Council only called for their shadow agents when a mission had been found for them. Otherwise they allowed those Jedi Shadow's to exercise their autonomy allowing them to become masters of their craft.

She entered the turbolift to the council chamber, the thrill of a new mission filling her with righteous energy. She felt so in tune with the force when when missions were handed down, her purpose to remove the darkness and evil of the galaxy. After two years in the field, she was being given tasks with a greater degree of difficulty. Her fervent hope being that she could prove herself worth of the order and her role.

As she reached the entrance to the coucil chambers she removed her lightsaber, her most prized posession. She placed it on the plinth below the six others on a higher level. The etiquette had always been that no lightsaber should be brought into the Council Chamber unless the council themselves requested it. It was a sign of respect to their learned masters, rather than an a lack of trust of subordinates.

The doors of the council chambers slide apart and one of the council members gestured for her to enter, Sophiia took her place in the centre of the chamber. "Welcome Lilyhelm, we have your next mission for you." She watched as her former Master floated a holocron out into Sophiia's hands. "We created this holocron especially for this mission, in which you will find have unrestricted access to all the information this council has on the topic." Sophiia was slightly shocked, the council normally restricted information when sending a shadow into the field as a precaution. To give her an unrestricted access to information meant that the mission was of vital importance.

"We have been following clues that state an ancient threat has resurfaced. There have been rumours that there is a group trying to find The Taint. An ancient weapon designed by the Sith to corrupt light side force users, but it was abandoned after they discovered it effected all life. The Taint caused the midi-chlorians to develop 'madnesss' in any exposed to it. Midi-chrorians infected with the madness lost in their ability too access the force, kiling the host and disrupting the abilities of any force user within range of the planet." Sophiia's blood ran cold, a weapon with the power to attack the midi-chlorians themselves could destroy the jedi, the sith and all life in the galaxy. "We must find The Taint first and destroy all traces of it. This weapon must not be allowed to continue to exist. Follow the information, gather more and find it before whoever is looking for it finds it." Sophiia bowed to the council and tightened her grip on the holocron. "It shall be done masters, I will not fail you."

The Decetan System, Outer Rim

Cain was meditating in the hold of his ship as it drifted through the the void of space. The vessel he sat aboard was the Kom'rk Transport, called the "Haa'it" the Mandalorian word for 'vision'. He floated through the air, his body being levitated by the force as his senses reached out into the future.

His gift of prophecy filing his mind with what is, was and could be. Since he'd first learned to looking into the future he'd been able to reach far beyond others. He could see past the certain points into the the realms of potential events. He could see the future and its many twisting branches as he sifted through the possibilities. He'd caught a glimpse of something a few days before, something he had never seen. He allowed the information he saw to flow through him and into oblivion, no mind could hold onto all the knowledge of all possible futures. He had been feeling a shift in potential events, something terrible was coming its effects spreading like a stain across all futures.

Cain dropped suddenly and sharply to the floor, gasping for air and trying to reel in what his power had shown him, nothing. Yet more than just not being able to see but an abscence, an absolute abscence of all things. No life, no force, no light, no dark; true oblivion. Cain's blood was running cold as he dragged himself to the cockpit, he could not allow this event to come to pass no matter the cost. He activated the pilot droid and programmed in his destination, Eriadu. He'd traced the vision back to its focal point the familiar streets of Eriadu's Black Market.

Cain took a seat in the co-pilot's chair as the droid came online "ASP-2, Automatic Star Pilot online. Course to Eriadu plotted. Estimated arrival time, 2 galactic standard days." He closed his eyes and listened to the hyperdrive spooling up. He had the path of the future was shifting more than he'd ever seen it, he'd have to hope that two days would be soon enough.

He leaned back in the co-pilot's chair as his body ached from the fatigue of his exertion within the meditation; channeling all possible futures through one's mind, sifting through them to find one particular thing through the mass of potential outcomes was a mammoth task.

Eriadu City, Capitol of Eriadu

Sophiia slipped through the quiet streets in the twilight before dawn, her cloak and cowl conceal her identity and appearence from those who might be passing. Her journey to Eriadu aboard the refugee transport had been uncomfortable, yet a necessity for her missions. She had the authority arrange passage with a Repulic Cruiser. Yet Republic transports chartered by the Jedi Order were so easily tracable and for a clandestine operation that was not a viable option. So she had been forced to spend two days holed up in the bowls of the refugee transport.

She wanted to use her powers to speed up her journey, but couldn't afford to give away her identity. She could sense eyes watching her as she came within two blocks of her destination. She was on her way to find 'Vau Tong' the most influential information broker in the Outer Rim, if anyone would have access to what she needed it would be 'Vau Tong'.

She reached out her senses finding the people watching her with her mind. She sensed five presences with their attention fixed on her, all of which were gathered around a single building. She had her target, the

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