Dante's Àn Léi
Dante's Gāi Àn Léi (lit. The Dark Lightning or 該暗雷) is a weapon forged by his own power with the help of the master smith Danzurai. It was made from the Zeutian Cross of the highest Storm Peak, above Zeusar the northern captial of the Storm Peaks Nation.

The Zeutian Cross was stolen by raiders wanting to sell it on the black market. Dante recovered the cross that was taken and brought it back, however the town below the peak refused to accept it's return. They believed the risk of keeping it was too great and so they ordered it's destruction.

Dante took the cross to the master smith Danzurai upon the The Lost Peak. Under the instruction of Danzurai he used concentrated lightning to melt down the Zeutian Cross. With which Danzurai created a special sword capable of channeling the full power of Dante's lightning without melting or becoming dull.

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