Rebirth of the Heavens


The sun was setting on the courthouse as a lonely figure walked down its great stone steps; law books heavy in his arms as he walked home after a long hard day. Then without warning the sun reversed its path, going back higher into the sky. The figure shook his head, the heavens had been acting strangely more and more often in recent years. Not just the sky was odd; crops had beeen failing, plagues had been spreading, it was as if the world was falling out of balance.

"Zeno!!! Zeno!!!!" The figure put his hand to his forehead on exasperation. "It's happening again!! What do we do?! What do we do?!" Zeno turned to face the panicked individual, his face a mask of exasperation. "What do you think Frick, we're going to storm the temples right now!! Demand the heavens be set right!!" Frick's face was aghast as he responded "We are?!" Zeno laughed and turned away "Fuck no, if the gods could do something about this it would have happened already." He waved Frick away as walked down the last steps "If you want to fix something start by organising our case timetable properly, then worry about fixing the heavens."

Frick was still in panic "But how do we the time? The sun is reversing in the sky." Zeno sighed sometimes he wondered why he kept Frick around. "The Dock Master uses a water clock. We'll set the times from his clock. Now if I have to do any more of your job for you, I'm just going to hire someone else!" Zeno left a still flustered look Frick behind and headed deeper into the town.

He was already dealing with bedlam with the fall out of all the natural poblems. The last thing he needed was to start insulting mythical deities and taking on organised religion, although with the current state of the world it was more like disorganised religion. His first six months as a Justice, the yougest the town had ever elected at just 24 years old, had been filled with more cases and conflicts than the previous five years before. It was as if the world was actively becoming more chaotic.

The people he walked past in the gave him deferential nods as he moved by. His stand against corruption in the merchants district and the agricultural guild had made him almost a hero to the normal people. Forcing the over inflated prices of food in the town down by over two thirds. Still despite it all, he felt as though there was something greater he should be doing. More than settling petty disputes and corruption.

He hurried home, trying to get there before the chaos from the sun reversing its course kicked in. He didn't have the energy to try and calm a mob over something they couldn't control. He knew the rumours would be flying around again; strange phenomenon as precursor of destruction. He'd heard every story twice over by now.