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Ryo's symbol
Fox Swordsman
Full Name Inari Ryo
Meaning carrying rice great distances
Kanji イナリ遼
Romanji Inari Ryō
General Information
Race Kitsune Faunus
Ethnicity Vale
Birthdate 4th July
Age 17
Gender MaleIcon Male
Height 6 foot 3 inches
Weight 190 llbs
Eye Colour Red
Hair Colour White
Blood Type ABO Rh D Neutral
Professional Information
Affiliation Hunters of Vale
Previous Affiliation Inari Clan
Occupation Hunter Team Member
Previous Occupation Swordsman
Team Team LORD
Previous Team N/A
Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Beacon Academy
Personal Information
Education Various Sources:
  • Fushimi Inari Taisha
  • Star Lake Academy
  • Beacon Academy
Marital Status Single
Family Inari Clan
Status Active
Combat Abilities
Weapon Preference Kogitsune-maru and Kogitsune Tsume
Signature Combat Style Iaijutsu
Sembelence Power
Semblence Name Teleportation
Semblence Power To instantaneously transport to a point within his sight line or a previously marked point




Kogitsune-maru (lit. Perfect Little Fox) is the the primary weapon of Ryo. The sword was imagined, designed and forged by Ryo himself using the resources of Star Lake Forge and the ancient bladesmithing arts of the Inari Clan.

Within the hilt of of Kogitsune-maru there is a section that allow for the insertion of Dust. When activated the dust within the sword can be used to create a variety of effects both when sheathed and the when the blade is drawn.

Even Kogitsune-maru's sheath is far enhanced compared to most swords. Able to resist damage even when used at the primary contact point in a fight with another blade user. Due to this it is common for Ryo to fight without drawing his blade.

Kogitsune Tsume

Kogitsune Tsume

The Kogitsune Tsume are Ryo's ballistic kunai and his primary method of ranged combat.

With a maximum effective range of 50-60 meters the ballistic kunai are on par with most pistols when is come to combat range. Their size and weight can make the kunai stick in the Grimm

Possessed of two slots for dust pellets within themselves, this addition to the kunai allow then to be used in a variety of manners that a normal ranged weapon simply cannot match.



Ryo painted his scroll coloured entirely gold as he felt the white model simply did not suit his need for flair.

Medical Kit

Ryo carries a medical kit on his back at all times.



Ryo's semblance is the power of Teleportation, allowing him to instantaneously transport himself and/or whatever is in contact with him to either a point within his line of sight or a previously marked static point. Ryo's power is extremely versatile power which can applied offensively, defensively and practically.

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