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Personality and Relationships
Ryo's symbol
Fox Swordsman
Full Name Inari Ryo
Meaning carrying rice great distances
Kanji イナリ遼
Romanji Inari Ryō
General Information
Race Kitsune Faunus
Ethnicity Vale
Birthdate 4th July
Age 17
Gender MaleIcon Male
Height 6 foot 3 inches
Weight 190 llbs
Eye Colour Red
Hair Colour White
Blood Type ABO Rh D Neutral
Professional Information
Affiliation Hunters of Vale
Previous Affiliation Inari Clan
Occupation Hunter Team Member
Previous Occupation Swordsman
Team Team LORD
Previous Team N/A
Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Beacon Academy
Personal Information
Education Various Sources:
  • Fushimi Inari Taisha
  • Star Lake Academy
  • Beacon Academy
Marital Status Single
Family Inari Clan
Status Active
Combat Abilities
Weapon Preference Kogitsune-maru and Kogitsune Tsume
Signature Combat Style Iaijutsu
Sembelence Power
Semblence Name Teleportation
Semblence Power To instantaneously transport to a point within his sight line or a previously marked point


Ryo is an irreverant young man, who most of time treats the tasks of becoming a Hunter and hunting as some sort of amusing passtime. This attitude is generally unpopular with the tutors of Beacon. Yet they allow it due to the fact has undeniable aptitude, skill and intelligence.

He is known for always being the one taking it easy and very few people have ever seen him training. This is because Ryo prefers to do so in private, a prefernce that has been forced to change since joining Team LORD.

His capricious nature causes him to move rapidly from project to project, not always completing them.

When in combat Ryo's hatred of the Grimm shows through in his almost obsessive extermination of any Grimm he comes across. This has caused several fracas between him and Lancelot, when his need to hunt has interfered with a tactical objective.

He is flirtatious by nature, though very rarely serious about it. Rather than chasing the prettiest people Ryo chases the most intriguing or interesting ones. As such once joining Team LORD, he spends the majority of his time with his partner Dandelion. He finds the mysterious Dandelion an irresitable curiosity, with secrets he can't help wanting to uncover.



Lancelot du Lac

Lancelot is the L in Team LORD and their team leader.

Ourania Chares

Ourania is the O of Team LORD and the partner of Lancelot.

Dandelion Fureur

Dandelion is the D of Team Lord and the partner of Ryo.



Bartholomew Oobleck

Glynda Goodwitch

Peter Port


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