John (pre-title)

Bio Profile
Full Name John Cain
  • Iohannes
  • Oberon
Gender Male
Age 23
Hair Colour
  • Brown
  • Blonde (Oberon Form)
Eye Colour
  • Red
  • Green (Oberon Form)
Height 6 foot 3 inches
Build Slim, but Muscular
Date of Birth 17th July
Status Alive
Species Elven
Ethnicity British
Blood Type G Type
Affiliation Profile
  • The Darkfang Five
  • Scout/Skirmisher Division
  • Alfheim
  • Member
  • Chief Commander
  • King
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency Bow Master
Magic Proficiency
  • Enhancement Magic
  • Illusion Magic
  • Sound Magic
  • Summoning Magic
Fighting Styles
  • High Speed Bow Style
  • Long Range Bow Style
  • Close Combat Bow Style
  • Kickboxing
  • Blade Arrow Style


John joined the Kingdom of Souls game as a method of relaxation and escapism. Creating the persona of Iohannes a forest ranger and specializing in archery, despite the fact the game does not set specific jobs or classes.


Iohannes is a very independent person, who's style of play leads him to either play alone or act as a scout or ranged skirmisher for small groups. His methodical stealthy approach to combat makes him an ideal precision ranged combatant.He has always been a lateral thinker, even at one point in his life being asked if he could even see the "box".


Loyal, Intelligent, Self Confident, Decisive, Strong leader and Brave.


Overly Emotional about friends, can be unforgiving, relies on his instincts too heavily.


Strongest Skills

Archery, Speed, Agility, Stealth, Senses.

Weakest Skills

Blunt Weapons, Heavy Armour, Beast Taming, Enchantment.

Hand To Hand Combat

Iohannes quickly discovered that he was not overly skilled with swords and other such long bladed weapons. His only real blade skill laid with short blades such as daggers and knives. As such he focused his efforts on unarmed close combat. During his training he realized that his close combat would have to be something he could use quickly when rushed by an opponent, with a bow in his hands a close combat style that relied on his legs would be the only fighting style that he could reliably use. As such he learned a form of kickboxing from an NPC that allowed him to switch from ranged to close combat without disarming himself.

Stealth Recon

Iohannes learned his tracking and stealth and observation skills from hunting animals in the various environments of the kingdoms. Skills which he then advanced to higher levels of competency during battles in the various enemy NPC controlled zones. He advanced his skills to the level that during combined player operations he was unanimously appointed to act as chief commander of the scout and skirmisher units. Upon his ascension to the position of Freyr, King of Alfhiem, the majority of the scout and skirmisher units joined his faction.

Ultra Long Range Archery

Ultra High Speed Archery

After obtaining The Starcaster, Iohannes became able to make use of a new form of archery. Whereby he combines his ultra his speed level with a bow that is able to match it in order to fire approximately 300 arrows per minute.



Oberon is the ruler of the realm of Alfheim. The realm of Alfheim is a forest realm made up of two major areas: The Primal Forest and The Golden City. The title is given to the most skilled marksman in the game. This is judged to be the player with the greatest level of accuracy, the highest rate of fire and the least amount of damages taken after 15 kingdoms have fallen. To be eligible for this title your primary weapon must be ranged and certain kill, head shot kill and kill assist thresholds must be reached.

The person who is awarded this title receives the unique ability "Heart Of The Forest". Heart Of The Forest is the ability to call upon all the speed, agility, senses and strength of all the allies, allied creatures, primal beasts and neutral creatures of Alfheim to use as his own.


Hobgoblin Captain's Bow

Iohannes's primary weapon is a reflex longbow, which he obtained during the first major battle of a siege zone. The weapon was a drop taken from a hobgoblin, an enemy NPC captain that lead a group of archers. The captain had led a group of enemy archers which had kept the player's attacks on the castle at bay for some time, nearly killing several players.

Reflex Longbow

The Starcaster

Iohannes's second primary weapon is a stat-amplified reflex longbow created by Vulcan using her "Ampli-Forged" ability. In the correct hands The Starcaster is the ultimate ranged weapon created in the game. The damage caused by the weapon is the user's archery skill multiplied by their character level. The weapon's speed is the user's speed multiplied by their archery skill.

The Starcaster


The Crucible

The Crucible incident was the beginning of Iohannes's new life within the Kingdoms Of The Soul.

Darkfang Hollow

Darkfang Hollow is an underground forest dungeon in one of the early discovered worlds. Due to the size of the dungeon a group of 40 players gathered to clear it Iohannes. The 40 advanced into the hollow rather haphazardly, as no danger immediately presented itself the majority of the group dropped their guard. As they did so the group was surrounded by Green Trolls. The ambush was brutally effective and the green trolls rampaged through the group, killing half of them almost immediately.

Iohannes was among the survivors of the initial assault and along with four others they stood their ground against the green trolls. Together the five managed to overturn the ambush and defeat the green trolls. They then went on to clear the dungeon and gain renown as "The Darkfang Five".