Jax Séraphin

Jax Serphin

Bio Profile
Full Name Ermenegilde Jacques Séraphin
  • Jax
  • Dragon Séraphin
Gender Male
Age 25
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6 foot 4
Build Muscular
Species Half Alven
Affiliation Profile
Affiliation The Basilica
  • Dragon
  • Ranger
Role Ranger/Special Ops
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • Rifled Wheel Lock Carbine
  • Rapier
Magic Proficiency Mana Nullification
Fighting Styles
  • Musketry
  • Rapier


Jax Séraphin is the Dragon of The Basilica, the religious conclave on the border of the Great Northern Forest. The Dragon is the title bestowed upon the Bascilica's elite mana nullification soldier. Highly trained and trusted with the most sensitive of missions due to the fact they cannot be directly influenced by magic.

Jax was given a mission by the Apostles of the All Father, the ruling council of the Basilica. His mission was to find and take down the Palace of the Fallen and all the apostates within.




Martial Arts


Jax is a master with the rapier, having recived training from masters since his early teens. Upon being given his role as the Dragon he was awarded with the blade that was carried by the master who trained him, as it had been for his master before him . The rapier called The "Cieux d'Argent" (Silver Heavens) which whilst in the hands of the line of masters has never been defeated.



Jax is a master marksman and one of the few skilled enough to go raiding into the forest. He uses it for long and medium range combat. Jax's rifled musket was custom made for him by the greatest gunsmith of the basilica.



Mana Nullification

Jax is one of the 20% of the population both gifted and cursed with the ability not to be directly effected by magic. This means that though his body can be harmed by things summoned or created by magic, it cannot be controlled or manipulated directly. However it also means that they can never use magic for themselves, which can also be troublesome in a society where magic is widely used. In a few skilled cases they can nullify the magics a mage is attempting to draw together as they cast a spell, preventing its creation.


Early Life

Jax's childhood was a fairly average one, like most who lived within the Bascilica. He was raised by his mother and father, who ran a small mill near the outer wall. All his life he was taught that the greatest achievements he could make in his life were to be found in the service of the Apostles in any way they deemed necessary.

Joining the Rangers

Becoming the Dragon


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