I can't decide if he's sexy or terrifying. - Amy Pond
Jax Samugen/Abilities

Jax Samugen

Bio Profile
Full Name Jackin Samugen
  • Jax
  • Pantheon Chief
Gender Male
Age 3
Date of Birth Unknown
Species Samugen Class Ubersoldaten
Homeworld Pantheos
Blood Type Universal Ubersoldaten
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 325 lbs
Family Not Applicable
Service Record
Rank Doctor
  • Samugen Commandos
  • Pantheos
  • Pantheon Renegades
  • Command
  • Medicine
Skill Profile
Fighting Styles Krav Maga Master
Combat Proficiency Master Marksman
Supplementary Skills Master Tactician


Telepathically Resistant

Whilst Jax is not completely deaf to telepathic powers his genetic makeup provides him with the ability to tune out telepathic transmission whether they are natural or artifical in origin. This makes them immune to the officer class Maagel's telepathic probing.



Jax is a natural leader


Jax is a master tactician capable of instantly asessing a situation and divining the most efficient course of action.


Jax is a fully qualified physician, trained to be able to perform field diagnosis, treatmen and even surgery if necessary.


P.P.R. Mark V

The P.P.R. (Plasma Pulse Rifle Mark V) is the standard issue weapon of the Samugen Commandos.

Sonic Knife

A Sonic Knife is primitive sonic enhanced blades with basic sensory probes built into the hilt. Sonic Knives are the standard melee weapon and tool of the Samugen Commandos.