The Jewels of Eventide are the 5 great magical relics of the Gaian world. Spread across the world their power and influence have helped shaped world politics and cultures.

Afreet Elithir

The "Afreet Elethir" (عفريت الأثير - Ifrit's Ether) is the sacred relic of the Gabrech Confederacy.

Angeli Pinnam

Angeli Pinnam
The "Angeli Pinnam" (Angeli Pinnam - Angel's Feather) is the sacred relic of the Rohirian Holy Empire. It shaped the founding of the empire by giving its visions to those who were deemed worthy of them, specifically the first emperor of Rohiria and the first Gawain.

To the first emperor it gave a vision of an empire of conscience lead by an noble and immovable figurehead, ruled by a great council of sages and defended by an incorruptible champion. This great vision showed him the face of the champion and gave him the urge to find him. It took the emperor seven months to find the man shown to him in the vision and he brought him before the Angeli Pinnam where the man received a vision.

To the first Gawain it gave a vision of an order of noble, magical warriors who care for and protection of the innocent. It put into his mind the idea of how the order should work and the knowledge of it's form of magic. He founded The Templar Order and shaped them to be the protectors of innocents both within the empire and outside of it.

Fenrisúlfr Tǫnnum

The "Fenrisúlfr Tǫnnum" (Fenrir's Fang) is the sacred relic of the Killarven Dominion.

Kami no Tamagushi

The "Kami no Tamagushi" (神の玉串 - Sacred Shinto Tree Branch Of The Gods) is the sacred relic of the Nihon Renmei.

Ourovóros Klímakas

The "Ourovóros Klímakas" (οὐροβόρος κλίμακας - Ouroboros Scale) is the sacred relic of the Vodraal Kingdom.