Chapter 1

Blessings Given, Fortunes Found, The Jewels Have Given Much To The Lands. When All Are Gathered Only Woe Will Be Found, All Will Be Lost In The World's Eventide!!

The Prophecy of Kalagora was a lesser known prophecies regarding the Jewels of Eventide. The nations in control of the Jewels enjoyed such good fortune from possessing them that the thought of misfortune coming from them was absurd. The five holders of the Jewels were the Gabrech Confederacy, the Killarven Dominion, the Nihon Renmei, the Rohirian Holy Empire and the Vodraal Kingdom.

In the heart of the Nihon Renmei stood a great shinto temple, perched atop a small mountain covered in cherry trees. A throng of people dressed in ceremonial garb walked slowly towards the temple all talking excitedly. The day of the great land blessing festival had arrived.