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Jürgen Koeningmann
Jurgen Koeningmann 1
Meaning George Kingsman
Kanji ユルゲンケーニッヒの男
Romanji Yurugenkēnihhi no otoko
General Information
Race Bount/Gemischt Quincy
Birthdate 17th July
Age 652 (Physical Age 24)
Gender Male
Height 6 foot 4 inches
Weight 202 llbs
Eye Colour Blue/Grey
Hair Colour White/Grey
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Professional Information
Affiliation Vandenreich
Previous Affiliation Hospital
Occupation Quincy
Previous Occupation Medical Doctor
Team Stern Ritter Ω
Previous Team Jagdarmee of Hueco Mundo
Partner Kurenai Asamei
Previous Partner Schlange von Eden
Base of Operations Hueco Mundo
Personal Information
Education Various Sources:
  • Quincy Upbringing
  • Doctorate M.D.
  • Bount Teachings
  • Vandenreich Training
Marital Status Single
Family Deceased (Old Age)
Status Active
Quincy Abilities
Spirit Bow Name Cassiel
Signature Gintō Skill Umgekehrt Singen Strafe
Bount Abilities
Doll Name Schlange von Eden
Signature Doll Power Unknown


Jürgen is an old Quincy, having lived or over 600 years, due to his Bount abilities. His abilities and age have allowed him to gain literally centuries of active combat experience in one of the toughest combat arenas for a Quincy; alone behind enemy lines in Hueco Mundo. His initial foray into Hueco Mundo happened when he was accidentally pulled into a Garganta whilst trying to take down a particularly troublesome Hollow. The had taken to regularly hunting in the area where Jürgen lived and during the chase Jürgen fired after the retreating Hollow through the Garganta. The effect of firing a Quincy arrow through the Garganta causing it to convert his body into spirit form, when he was pulled in by the Hollow.

Despite the fact he rapidly grew in strength upon his arrival, due his to Bount abilities and the high Reishi environment, he initially struggled to survive. His rapid increase in power level had made his abilities unstable and soon he reached the point he had consumed enough Reishi that he became able to manipulate space in the way his Bount mentor had told him about. However the Garganta he created was unstable and he remained trapped for almost a decade, until his experimentation managed to reveal how to create a stable portal to the real world.

After this initial foray he limited himself to two year tours of duty in Hueco Mundo in order maintain his sanity and ensure he was still be able to blend into human culture when necessary. Due to this he was largely absent from Hueco Mundo during the invasion by Sōsuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōsen, as well as their subsequent conquest with their Espada.

However upon his return he discovered the fallen "empire" and a new generation of powerful Arrancar vying for dominance over Hueco Mundo. Whilst he had no interest in becoming the "king" of Hueco Mundo like Aizen had, viewing it as a title similar to "Lord of the Dust Pile", Jürgen saw this as an opportunity to advance his own agenda by reducing the number of hollow incursions into the real world.


Jürgen is has the outward of a young white/grey haired man in his middle twenties (despite his actual age). He is tall and thin, but muscular. Beneath his left eye there is a small jagged purple tattoo that he picked up on a trip back to the human world 350 years ago. It was tattooed onto him by his Female Arrancar partner (in a modified gigai stolen from a shinigami supplier), before her death.