Kiara Godsworn

Kiara Godsworn

Bio Profile
Full Name Kiara Lilith
Title Kiara Godsworn
Gender Female
Age 20
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5 foot 6
Build Well Proportioned
Date of Birth 8th Day of The Fourth Phase
Status Alive
Species Nymph
Ethnicity River Folk
Blood Type G Type
Alignment Profile
Alignment Chaotic Good
Class Mage (4th Level)
Role Striker/Defender
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency Variable
Magic Proficiency Mantle of the Gods
Fighting Styles Variable


Kiara Lilith also known as Kiara Godsworn is a former shrine maiden turned mage. Having spend many years surrounded by mages, Kiara learned a great deal about magic and was in turn able to combine that knowledge with her shrine maiden knowledge of the gods. This created the unique magic style known as the "Mantle of the Gods".

This unique power gave her the ability to travel the world under her own power. Earning money when she needed it and aquiring anything else however she could.


Kiara is able to change her appearance with the use of her signatute magic, however her base appearance has light brown eyes, pale red hair and high cheekboned face that caused her no end of irritation from the sudden attention she recieved from men after puberty.


Kaira is


Dante Of The Rolling Thunder

Dante and Kiara met during their travels and hit it off immediately as kinderd spirits.


Summoning Parafinalia

At all times Kiara keeps an array of mystical concoctions on her person so that in times of need she is able to instantly call upon whatever divine power the situation may require.

Goddess Tablets

For every god or goddess Kiara must take a different tablet and so she carries around an impressive array of tablets. She makes the tabets herself taking them when she needs to change and draw upon her ability to transform. Despite what they do for her she feel like her tablets are a burden, wishing she could live and use her power without them.


Mantle of the Gods

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", Kiara's magical talents were the ultimate form of the idiom. Kiara gained lifelong favour of the gods, due to her actions in make a lone stand to defend the Nymphite Pantheon from Necromantic Cultists. In the process sacrificing her own life and the accumulated wealth of shrine in order to prevent the cult from gaining the ability to draw upon divine power for their dark magics.

In return for her sacrifice and valor the gods of the other realm granted her new life and the lifelong right to call upon their power as her own. Allowing her to become their personification in the human world. As gods are unable to move in the human realm this power grants them access to a world they could otherwise never access. However as with all great power there is a cost that comes with her power, if Kiara were to use a god's abilities in a way the god disapproved of then her powers and life would be forfit.

Otherworldly Sight

Kiara was brought into the Nymphite Pantheon as a child due her oracluar power. It allows her, under certain circumstances, to see through the veil between realities into the realm of the gods and other worlds.


Divine Arcana

From her childhood growing up in the Nyphite Pantheon, where all the residents of the divine plain of praised, Kiara gained a great deal of knowledge regarding the gods and their ways. Important people from around the world would send offerings to the Nymphite Pantheon is attempts to gain the favour of the gods. The nymphs were masters of divine arcana that when used could invoke the gods to allow them to present offerings on behalf of devotees.

Divine Affinity

As a Nymph, Kiara's existance is very close to the veil between the mortal and divine worlds. Like many of her kind Kiara has a tendency to treat gods in the same way most people treat celebrities. They are famous people to be watch, anayalized and assessed in order to best emulate them. Using her affinity and her otherworldly sight Kiara make sure to pay careful attention to the moods and motives of the gods. Using her knowledge to protect herself from backlash when using their powers.


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