Kingdoms Of The Soul
Chapter 2

Sealed Souls


The gaming world was in a state of mass excitement, with the arrival of the first true Full Immersion Virtual Reality Mass Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game (FIVRMMORPG). A game that was expected to change the entire gaming world forever. The technology to enter a true virtual world had come about by accident, but in the space of a few short years every gamer's dream had come true. The fantasy MMORPG "Kingdoms of the Soul" had sold out in just a few short hours with just 20,000 able to obtain the machines capable of letting them play.

As the final countdown to launch started the players gathered their equipment and got ready to go online. "Log in within the first 10 minutes and get the bonus prize of 20,000 crowns for your character" A prize too tempting for any MMO player to resist, a huge free starting bonus just for logging in. Just like all the others *John* could not resist. He put on the helmet and laid back on his bed, his pulse racing as he counted down the seconds, 3....2....1....Start!

The helmet felt suddenly tight like it was shrinking onto his head, the inside of his mind was filled with a shrieking wail like his entire mind was filled with screams. He could feel his body convulsing hard, his entire body going stiff and shaking. The convulsions got stronger and faster, as a searing pain filled around his head. His entire body stiffened and his mouth was forced open, as he silently screamed out as all became blackness.

The Orc Zone, 6 Months Later

Iohannes felt the blood trickle down his face, the burning sensation reminded him of the day they had all arrived in this world. The day he'd been dragged from his old life and stuffed into this new body, the knowledge and memories of John still clear and intact. The 6 months since then had felt like a lifetime. He could see his blood dripping off the first of the creature in front of him, its grunting snarls filling the air. The sounds seemed to take form after they entered his mind, the magic implanted there doing its job. "Where are the others of your kind interloper?!"

The Orc Zone had been hard on everyone since they had arrived, but it had been especially on the scouts and skirmishers moving ahead of the main group; the people like Iohannes. Many had been captured in ambushes and taken to the dungeon he was in now. He pushed back against the ropes binding him to the chair, there was just enough give that he could move a little; it was enough to work with.

"What others? I was just out for a walk in the woods when your pigs grabbed me." The orc snarled and lunged forward, throwing a heavy left punch. Iohannes shifted right, his move just enough to let the punch slide past. The Orc overbalanced then fell forwards, Iohannes lunged his head forwards and struck the creature between the eyes. It collapsed into a crumbled heap neck to the chair, not moving. Iohannes wriggled his way down under the ropes and retrieved his bow from the table at the side of the room. He nocked an arrow turned and fired a shot straight into the fallen Orc's head. Now the real mission began, rescue the lost scouts and clear the dungeon.

He picked up another arrow and moved to check the door, the stealth skills he had spent six months cultivating let him open the door silently, one orc stood guard. He let the door slide closed without a sound and picked up his gear. He pulled on his armour and equipment then moved back to the door.

He opened the door pulling an arrow from his quiver; as the back of the Orc's head came into view he buried the arrow tip into the base of its skull, his hand covering the creature's mouth. The guard made a muffled pig-like squeal then dropped to the floor. Iohannes pulled the body back into the room and used the guard's sleeve to wipe the floor clean.

He'd learned quickly that unlike stealth in games, people and creatures tended to notice things out the ordinary. Unexplained pools of blood tended to fall into that category. He moved low and fast down the corridor, bow in hand listening for the slighest noise other than his own. He slipped around the corner and saw an open hall filled with cages. He strained his eyes in the poorly lit gloom to make out how many Orcs he was up against.

The rules of this world were different than where he came from. Learning skills was easier, it just took repetition and the skills became second nature within days. He had gone from knowing how to hold a bow to being able to regularly hit a target in just a week.

Chapter 2
Kingdoms Of The Soul