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Kurenai Asami
Kurenai 1
Meaning Beautiful Crimson Morning.
Kanji くれないあさめい
Romanji Koo-ren-ai A-sa-me
General Information
Race Shinigami
Birthdate 20th October
Age 377 - looks around early 20's
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Eye Colour Emerald
Hair Colour Crimson
Blood Type N/A
Professional Information
Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation 3rd Seat Shinigami
Team Squad 2, Detention Unit Leader
Partner Jurgen Koeningmann
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Undecided
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Shinigami Abilities
Zanpakutō Name Tsukihime
Signature Kidō Skill Not Obtained Yet
Zanpakutō Abilities
Shikai Call Drown, Tsukihime
Bankai Call Flood the World, Tsukihime



Master Swordsman


As a former executive Militia member and the commander of the Detention Unit, Kurenai is highly skilled in the use of Shunpo, partially even surpassing the abilities of some captains of the Gotei 13.

She has mastered all of the Onmitsukidō's speed-oriented techniques such as Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom) and Utsusemi (空蝉, Cicada).


She 'created' a Shunko-like technique after seeing Soifon practicing it once. However, she is not able to use "Shunko" correctly, instead of releasing Reiatsu from her back, she's only able to release it from her legs, allowing her to move with an extremely high speed, though she can't use it as an offensive attack like Yoruichi or Soifon, she's only able to increase her speed.

She didn't think about a name for it (even if she happened to create a different technique) thinking she's not worthy enough to call it her own since it's only a failed copy of Soifon's technique. Her respect and loyalty for her Captain is unwavering.

Natural Abilities

Immense Spiritual Energy

Mildly Intelligent


Kurenai is extremely swift and silent when she moves, be that in battle or not. Her movements are always precise and light, never stepping without reason. When using a 'Moon' from her Shikai, her body is required to move in a certain way, [Such as a dance or sequence.] to attack and defend. This is both an advantage and disadvantage during battles. At first, this confuses her enemy, throwing them off balance giving Kurenai the upper-hand, she is able to dodge attacks and continue her offence. But if her opponent studies her movements long enough, they will be able to read her attacks and react in time.

Because of this, the longer Kurenai remains in a fight, the more dangerous it becomes. That's why she has 6 abilities in her release form, she needs to change to keep her opponent confused and less focused on her moves.

Shinigami Abilities


Tsukihime; A Zanpakuto that allows it's user to control water in all it's forms, including ice. The wielders emotions are 'frozen' when Tsukihime is in effect, permitting Kurenai to fight without emotional hindrance.


First Moon; Fog Dance. Once the fog gets so thick, only contact with the Zanpakuto can give vision to see through it. So if the blade were to piece someone, they momentarily gain sight, and so Kurenai would have to move fast to kill her opponent to reduce chance of resistance.

All other senses remain the same, but it takes gradual time for the fog to gain thickness to impair the targets vision. This ability is much more effective against unknowing opponents during assassinations as the fog often goes unnoticed for a long duration of time. Once the opponent begins to get suspicious, it is usually too late and Kurenai is able to make a killing blow.

Second Moon; Water Senbon. Kurenai can creates exactly 1000 Senbon needles from water, turning them into sharp piercing ice. She can then send them at a specific target, with great accuracy. The needles are as strong as diamonds and able to pierce her enemies body, but can also be blocked and broken by stronger opponents.

Third Moon: Water Moon; Soul Collision. She can create water from the air and can draw it from anything that contains water [Eg, plants, rivers.] and combine it with her Reiatsu to form sickle shaped water blasts from her blade. The larger the sickle, the more Reiastu needed, and so limited uses are in place.

Fourth Moon: Violent Water; revolving heavens. By changing the weather to rain, Kurenai can use this huge amount of water freely, even form shapes. Kurenai mostly uses this ability as a defense strategy to save energy. She is able to create walls of water/Ice to slow and possibly stop the impact of an oncoming attack.

Fifth Moon; Blood Dance. After making a deal with her Zanpakuto spirit, by spilling her own blood on the blades surface, Kurenai is now able to use blood in replace of water. Blood is stronger, so able to cause more damage. But increasingly tiring to the users body. Though her health is not in danger, she often feels fatigued if used too long.


Sixth Moon, Total Eclipse; Rivers of Blood. Kurenai now has free control over any liquid around her, including her enemies own blood and water that flows freely throughout their body. By moving her body is a certain way, (resemble how a puppeteer controls a marionette) Kurenai can force her opponents blood to flow wherever she seems fit. This can be used to draw blood out from a wound, fatiguing them almost instantly as she draws large amounts from their veins.

The control and manipulation of fluids within a person's body can have many different effects. For instance, she could potentially be used to crush or disrupt the activity of a victim's internal organs. In a similar manner, it could be used to pressurize, boil, or cool the water inside the body of an opponent, killing them in the process. The technique could even be used to completely extract water from one's body, imitating the technique used with plants. Kurenai is only able to manipulate another person's body at the physical level, leaving the victim's mental faculties intact. She also cannot force her opponent to use their abilities, eg; their Zanpakuto abilities on Bankai.

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