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Kurenai Asami
Kurenai 1
Meaning Beautiful Crimson Morning.
Kanji くれないあさめい
Romanji Koo-ren-ai A-sa-me
General Information
Race Shinigami
Birthdate 20th October
Age 377 - looks around early 20's
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Eye Colour Emerald
Hair Colour Crimson
Blood Type N/A
Professional Information
Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation 3rd Seat Shinigami
Team Squad 2, Detention Unit Leader
Partner Jurgen Koeningmann
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Undecided
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Shinigami Abilities
Zanpakutō Name Tsukihime
Signature Kidō Skill Not Obtained Yet
Zanpakutō Abilities
Shikai Call Drown, Tsukihime
Bankai Call Flood the World, Tsukihime


Born in the 60th district of East Rukongai, Kurenai was blessed with one of the only wealthy families in the area, a fact that simply screamed good fortune. Surrounded by a vast population of much poorer individuals, she was able to flaunt her silver spoon heritage and eat with it too—though at the time she had little need for food. During her early years, she slowly became disheartened by her situation, finding her sheltered little life to be quite hollow and incomplete. While she loved her parents dearly, they had little time to spend with their daughter, though they seemed to find enough of it to lecture her on the dangers of assimilation with other members of the district.

Kurenai was bored, and such feelings quickly led to missions of ‘relief’. She would constantly leave home to explore the district on her own, attempting to find something of value beyond polished porcelain and fancy clothes. Eventually, she would come to befriend several of the older locals who led her to discover a hidden ability within herself that had been previously unexplained. Though she had still been fairly young, the development of her reiatsu seemed to happen fairly quickly, and like most children would do, she utilized it for mischief behind her family’s back. Though it wasn't always willingly, Kurenai had never had friends before due to her sheltered life, and her new so called friends could see her potential and used her to their advantage, often using her to thieve for their benefit. Because of this, Kurenai quickly gained skilled such as swiftness and silence when she moved in order to steal the things she needed. Friends fueling the fire, Kurenai and company had managed to massacre many a public wall, and injure quite a large sum of the districts ‘rude’ population. Either way, she was thought she was happy with the way things were; but change is inevitable.

Eventually, her parents had discovered her exploits and had imposed newer, more stifling rules upon their daughter than ever before. They warned her of the dangers her new friends would impose, they weren't children. They knew what they were making Kurenai do for them was wrong. Of course, rules didn’t appear to mean anything to Kurenai anymore, and she was just as quick to break the newly imposed rules, as her parents were to make them. Unfortunately, on one of their trips, she was separated from her friends and became lost in the neighboring districts. After wandering for hours, she eventually found herself in an even more hopeless state than when she had begun in the first place. Exhausted and disheartened, she came to rest against a small stone enclosure that lined the outer end of the 65th district.

It took a few minutes for her composure to settle, but when it had, Kurenai had looked up; her place upon the ground directly lined up with an alleyway jutting between two large buildings. In the beginning, she simply ignored the passageway on account of the darkness it seemed to be engulfed in. Slowly however, several figures came into focus, and for a split second, she recognized one of the faces from within the blackness. It was her friends, excited and thankful, she had jumped to her feet with ardor and a pleasantly zealous attitude, rushing towards the alleyway with all of her strength. When she arrived, she wouldn’t like what she would see…

After the initial hellos, Kurenai’s eyes had come to rest on the corner of the passage, a limp body resting against an upturned dumpster. The corpse had been missing its head, though the body seemed oddly familiar. After questioning her companions on the subject, they seemed to crack a smile, ruffle her hair quite gently, and shake their heads, “Kurenai, your mother has gone away for a while, but you'll see her soon. Don't worry.” Kurenai had thought long and hard about everything before the puzzle slowly pieced itself together. When she glanced towards the so-called leader of the group again, she noticed the blood dripping from his idle hand- and the dangling head of what had been her mother.

Their jealousy of Kurenai's family riches and abilities had led them to murder her own mother, someone whom she loved dearly, given her life.

All she could to was scream.

As they advanced towards her, sick and twisted grins plastered on their faces, Kurenai could only watch in fear as her body refused to move. All she could do was close her eyes and pray her family would forgive her for what she had done. But before the blow could land on Kurenai, she was saved by Captain Yoruichi and Soifon, whom had been sent to kill the men for their crimes against the Soul Society. They had been in the distract in hiding, using Kurenai for the deeds while they hide in the shadows.

Eventually, she found herself admitted into the academy after both Yoruichi and Soifon noticed her potential, and graduated into the second division after two short years. From there, she spent many years training her mind and body with in Stealth Force under the close eye of her superiors, securing a third seat position before Yoruichi's initial desertion. When Soifon was made captain of squad 2, Kurenai turned down the position of lieutenant and remained her 3rd seat and head of the Detention Unit. Because of her mother's death, Kurenai swore to always follow her captains orders without question. Her loyalty and dedication to her squad leader gave her the ability to not feel empathy or sympathy to the people she killed, having faith in what her captain asked her to do was the right thing.

Since then, her relationship with her father has been almost completely non-existent. Kurenai could not blame her father for his hatred towards her. If she hadn't have broken the rules, her mother would not have been out looking for her alone.. she wouldn't had died. And so, Kurenai does all that she can to make him proud, pushing herself to become stronger and rise through the ranks and make her name known.

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