Kya Temrain

Kya Temrain (LoliDragon)

Bio Profile
Full Name Kyasarin Temrain
Gender Female
Age 20
Date of Birth 2nd Night in the Fourth Phase of Demar
Status Alive
Species Elf
Ethnicity Pureblood Drake
Blood Type AB Rh D Positive
Height 5 foot 11 inches
Weight Unspecified
Family The Temrain Family
Empire Service Record
Rank Master Mage Apprentice
Affiliation The Phoenician Order
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • Twin Long Knives
  • Mage Staff
Magic Proficiency
  • Battle Magic
  • Elemental Magic
  • Spirit Magic
  • Healer Magic
Fighting Styles Battle Magic Katas


Kya is a young elven mage living on the Drake Islands, known more commonly as the Drakes. Kya was born to a aristocratic family and as such was afforded the freedoms and comforts that came with such social status. Her life however has always been on filled with the future of great responsibility that she faces. No matter what she chose to do in life, she would always be deferred to and be manoeuvred into a position where her high status could be used.


Kya has lead a largely sheltered life so is quite spoiled when it comes to creatures comforts such as hot meals, central heating, magical grooming implements, etc. As such she has difficulty when it comes to situations where she is deprived of those creature comforts. However in most other regards Kya is not so spoiled.




Magic Skills

Martial Skills


The Temrain Clan

The Temrain clan is the noble family which is said to be directly descended from the Great Dragon Rainur. As with most aristocratic families the family members are not particularly close and spend little time together enjoying family pursuits.

Ryshan Syranova

Ryshan was the special forces commander sent to pursue Kya.