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Lancelot's Symbol
Lancelot du Lac
Full Name Lancelot du Lac
Meaning Servant of the Lake
Kanji 湖のランスロット
Romanji Mizūmi no ransurotto
General Information
Race Eagle Faunus
Ethnicity Vale
Birthdate 4th July
Age 17
Gender MaleIcon Male
Height 6 foot 4 inches
Weight 202 llbs
Eye Colour Blue/Grey
Hair Colour White/Blonde
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Professional Information
Affiliation Hunters of Vale
Previous Affiliation Star Lake Forge
Occupation Hunter Team Leader
Previous Occupation Weaponsmith
Team Team LORD
Previous Team Star Lake Forge R&D
Partner Ourania Chares
Base of Operations Beacon Academy
Personal Information
Education Various Sources:
  • Star Lake Academy
  • Star Lake Combat School
  • Beacon Academy
Marital Status Single
Family Deceased (Murdered by Grim)
Status Active
Combat Abilities
Weapon Preference Arondight and Cadarnle
Signature Combat Style Soaring Talon Sword
Sembelence Power
Semblence Name Deflection
Semblence Power To create invisible barriers of various sizes, shapes and strengths.


Lancelot du Lac is a knight style hunter and leader of Team LORD. Born of the Du Lac family, famous for their distinguished conduct during the Battle of Fort Castle the leaders of an alliance of Faunus formed based around Star Lake. There they formed an enclave of faunus and set themslves up as weaponsmiths opening the Star Lake Forge. Using it a as front to create a zone with a large number of faunus with easy access to weapons. This discouraged human aggression and with anti-discrimination rules being enforced against residents of both species, eventually an area where human and fanus could live in harmony came to be.

Soon the Star Lake Forge became famous for its work on anti-grimm and dust powered technology attracted some of the best researchers and developers in the field.


Lancelot's eyes are the most easily visible give away of his Faunus heritage; with the constant gold colour of his eagle eyes being rather distinctive to those who understand they're meaning. Additionally intermixed with his long blonde hair there are small feathers, which most take to be an affectation, which also act to identify him as a faunus. However the clearest evidence, which is why they are the best hidden, are his wings. Concealed beneath armour and a cloak his wings are his greatest secret and perhaps his greatest physical asset. Allowing him to move at great speed and to take part in aerial combat, his wings put him in a completely different class to most other hunters.

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