Leo Xavier

Leo Xavier

Bio Profile
Full Name Leonardo Xavier
Code Name Renegade
Titles The Lone Alpha
Gender Male
Age 24
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Build Lean and Muscular
Date of Birth 17th June
Status Active
Species Werewolf
Danger Level Class A
Blood Type Lupus O Positive
Affiliation Profile
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Verissima
Rank Hunter

Team 4



Skill Profile
Role Enforcer
Weapons Proficiency Small Arms Expert
Fighting Styles Krav Maga


Leo is a young werewolf and one of the last of the Verissima, an anomaly of genetics that makes his fur white and gives him unusual abilities for a werewolf. He is one of the few remaining non-born werewolves in existance, being a human able to the process of becoming a werewolf without going man and rabid.

Accidentally bitten by a member of the Izvan Pack whilst they were tracking a target throught a city. With the bite being two nights away from the full moon and the werewolf's saliva being filled with the "Lycanthropy Retrovirus". Under the light of the full moon the virus was activated, consuming and converting his cells from human to werewolf.

Unable to capture Leo before he was turned, a full hunting party from the Izvan Pack turned out to hunt him down. Expecting to find a rabid monster, they were surprised to find a confused yet docile white werewolf. Not wiiling to take any chances the hunting party took him down hard.

Unsure what to make of a turned human who stayed sane, they dragged him off to the Izvan Asylum and the Pack's regional Proving Grounds.


Leo is an atypical loner, who is perfectly comfortable acting on his own outside the confines of a pack; yet he also has no problems when acting in a group. For a werewolf this behaviour is extremely unusual, as they rarely act outside the confines of their packs.


Krav Maga Expert

Since becoming a werewolf Leo had the martial art of Krav Maga drilled into him by his Hunt Master. He learned very quickly mastered the art with an intuitive flair for the its use.

Small Arms Marksman

Leo is a marksman with small arms, being particularly skilled with his own high caliber side arm the Leo's Roar.



As a werewolf Leo is able to transform from human form into a hybrid between man and wolf. This transformation vastly increase his physical abilities; the transformations can be complete or partial.

The werewolves were the ordained guardians of the balance in the mortal world; They hunted the humans and non-humans who acted outside the confines of their clans and orders to upset the balance in the mortal realm. Being so long lived werewolves are bound to a very long period of service to maintain the balance; being bound to serve 100 years or until they are no longer physically able to serve. In return all werewolves are granted plenary indulgences for all their sins, save for sins enacted against pure and innocent souls.

Blood of the Verissima

The Verissima were an ancient anomaly in the world of werewolves; born of those with the anomalous blood line, a few in every generation were born with the white fur and abilities of the blood. Those with the Verissima blood are different from a normal werewolves. When part of a pack they cannot be compelled to obey the orders of an Alpha; when they reach full maturity they can call upon the wisdom of their ancestors; and when the true Verissima Alpha awakens he is said to be able to command any wolf of any pack.

Originally the Verissima were respected as the wisest of all wolves, gifted with the knowledge of the ages yet bound to never lead the packs. As such they held respected positions within the packs and were sought as advisers, commonly taking up roles as greatly influential Betas.

This all changed with the awakening of the first Verissima who could become an Alpha; Posessing the ability to become a powerful Alpha, with all the wisdom of their ancestral line at their disposal. The other Alpha's decided that they were too dangerous to be allowed to remain; so the purge of the Verissima began.


Leo's Roar

Leo's Roar
Leo's pistol known more commonly as "Leo's Roar" is a 454 magnum pistol with a 30mm grenade launcher attached under its barrel. Leo doesn't make use of the weapon unless he absolutely has to.

Harley Davidson CVO Breakout 2014

Leo's CVO Breakout
Leo rides a CVO Breakout and uses it to keep his independence from the other werewolves in the area.


  • Verissima means Purest Truth in Latin.
  • Izvan means Outside in Croatian.
  • Leo's gun is Rico's Signature Gun from Just Cause 2.
  • The CVO Breakout was chosen for being similar at the front to the character image and looking seriously cool.

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