Bio Profile
Titles Metatron
Gender Male (in human form)
Hair Colour Ginger
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6 foot 1 inches
Build Slender
Status Observer
Species Angel
Affiliation Profile
Affiliation Heaven
Rank Voice of God
Skill Profile
Magic Proficiency Enochian Magics
Fighting Styles Enochian Martial Style

Metatron is the Scribe of God and is of the Angels of the first sphere of Heaven. He is one of the few Angels permitted to look upon the true countenance of god and acts as his voice to those unable to withstand its majesty.

Bound by God's decree that the fate of man should reside in their own hands. Metatron chronicles the history of God, Heaven and Earth. As with all the other Angels, Metatron is forced to stand by, watching the world fall into chaos and misery by the choices of foolish mortals.

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