Ouranokinesis is the power of spatial manipulation, which gives the user the power to warp, bend, flip, crush, control and otherwise manipulate all physical aspects of space within an certain area around him.

The user's ability is only works withing a 1 mile radius of the user's body and the user is only able manipulate within that area. The user is also able to trap subjects or objects in space and push that space, throwing subject and object away from themselves. The user can even create wormholes and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around.


This is the ability to transport themselves into any open space within a one mile range of their powers.

Subspace Travel

Subspace Travel is a long range transportation ability. It allows them to instantaneously travel extreme distances between previously fixed points. Once the user fixes a point they are able to transport himself to any other point they have previously fixed provided that certain conditions are met.

  1. A fixed point can only be created on a completely solid object measuring 1/2 foot square.
  2. There must not be an object blocking the fixed point e.g. a large box or other solid object placed over a fixed point would prevent travel to that point.
  3. The fixed point must not have moved e.g. if the point is fixed to a piece of ground and that piece of ground is distorted in some way, it will not longer be a viable transport point.
  4. There must not be a living human in the space around the fixed point.

Spatial Inversion

This is the ability to

Spatial Crush

This is the ability to

Location Swapping

This is the ability to

Dimensional Storage

This is the power to create what's called a "pocket dimension", in which the user can store items for later use.