Rika Sundén

Rika Sundén

Bio Profile
Full Name Rika Elina Sundén
Code Name Shield Maiden
  • The Lady Of Steel
  • Bimbo
Gender Female
Age 21
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Date of Birth 18th March
Status Active
Species Valkyrie
Danger Level Class C
Blood Type AB Negative
Affiliation Profile

DCD Squad 2


Tyr Barack

Skill Profile
Role Shock Trooper
Weapons Proficiency
Magic Proficiency Valkyrie Magics
Fighting Styles Valkyrie Comabt


Rika is a former soldier who was conscripted into the army a year and a half before the end of the war. She and her sisters had managed to avoid being conscripted into the armed forces for the early years of the war. However once her family were caught, she was sent to the training camp of The Shock Corps where she spent six months being trained for her role. In the final year of the First Demon War she was sent to the front lines to fight with all the other young demons.

She fought through some of the worst battles of the war one and was decorated for valour on three occasions. However after one of the worst battles of the war her unit was captured fighting a rear guard action. She spent five months of hell in a prisoner of war camp, where the guards took a shine to her. She survived the maltreatment at her captors hands and returned home, where she joined the Demon Crime Division thanks to the connections of a family friend.


Rika's experiences in the prisoner of war camps gave her a rather hardened attitude to life.


Shock Corps Skills

Before deployment onto the battlefield Rika spent six months going through intense training for her role in The Shock Corps.



Purifier Shotgun

Purifier Shotgun
Rika's primary weapon is a purifier shotgun a mid range, high impact weapon. It makes her the ideal partner for Tyr when fighting larger higher danger class demons. She does this by using the weapon to keep the target's attention whilst Tyr moves in for the capture or kill.

Valkyrie Shield

Valkyrie Shield
Rika's shield is a family heirloom from her mother. The shield is made from the wood of Yggdrasil (the world tree) and is considered to be unbreakable. This shield is very large and can cover the whole of her upper body and most of her upper legs. The shield is extremely heavy and only class A Demons or those with comparable levels of strength are able to lift the shield.

On the inside of her shield there is a holster attacked that allows her to take cover behind her shield whilst reloading. She is also able to provide cover for her aliies and create a mobile defense platform in a combat situation.

Shock Corps Uniform

Rika Sundén (shock corps uniform)
Rika wears her old Shock Corps Uniform when on combat duty with the Demon Crime Department. The Shock Corps uniform was designed to allow for a great range of freedom of movement, whilst still providing a little protection to the wearer.


Death Sense

Rika's Death Sense allows her to see how much life the people before her have left.

  • Rika is unable to get an accurate sense off Tyr. He either appears to show he'll live forever or that he is already dead.


Rika has the ability to become invisible for short periods of time.

Probability Manipulation

As a Valkyrie Rika posesses the ability to subconciously manipulate probabilities in battle. This ability causes weapons to misfire, attacks to miss or hit and other such phenomenon to the advatage of the Valkyrie.

Superhuman Strength

Rika's valkyrie strength is comparable to that of an A class demon despite only being a C class. This allows her to go toe to toe with the strongest of demons.

Superhuman Endurance

Rika posesses extreme levels of endurance that allow her to take attacks from much more powerful opponents with out taking significant damage or tiredness.

Weapon Instinct

As a Valkyrie Rika has the ability to instantly become proficient in the use of any weapon simply by picking them up. The first time she picked up a sword, she coul spar with masters, the first time she used a bow, she could hit bulls-eyes. Even magical or bizarre weaponry that they should not understand comes naturally to her.


  • Rika likes to tease Tyr in lots of ways:
    • She calls him "Spot"
    • She hides dog kibbles in his food.
    • She has a bone shaped squeak toy that she uses whenever she wants him to come with her.
    • She throws things to him and shouts "Fetch!"