River Marshall

River Marshall

Bio Profile
Full Name River Marshall
Titles Target Δ
Gender Male
Age 24
Date of Birth 3rd October
Status Active
Ethnicity White "British"
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 224 lbs
Family None
  • Pupil/Target (Unknowingly)
  • Hunter Class 5
  • Strong
  • Strong
Power Profile
Chi Path Heaven
Chi Category Harmonization Type
Chi Ability Hyper Intuition


River is a non-naturally developing chi user, who had his abilities forced to manifest by his Shīfu, Darius Lubran. River was just a normal person who was pulled into the world of chi users when he was attacked by a masked man. The masked man attacking him in the street used a chi ability and River was rescued by another Darius Lubran. Darius shows him a chi ability to prove that it was real, then told him that he needed to learn how to use his own in order to escape the attackers who would now be hunting him. Darius senses his rare harmony type chi despite it being sealed and forces it to manifest.

To the hunter's river is better known as target Δ or target delta. He was given this designation as he was is an unknown variable that changed the situation in their hunt for Target Ω.


River has blonde hair and blue eyes. The necklace River wears is made up of seven silver bars, each with a name inscribed upon it. The names inscribed are those of his fraternal and maternal grandparents, his mother, his father and younger sister.


River has a generally calm nature, even when under extreme duress it is rare for him to lose his cool. He for the most part implicitly trusting of those he meets, relying on his innate judgement of character to decide whether he should trust them. River is decisive by nature and has no problems when played in a command role in any given situation.


Omega Familiars

River was the latest chi user to join the Omega Familiars after being supposedly rescued from a chi user's attack by their leader Darius Lubran. River thought was trained by Darius in the use of his chi abilities and martial arts.

Darius Lubran

Darius was River's Shīfu in the arts of practical chi martial arts and the man who forced his chi abilities to begin to manifest. Darius forced River's abilities to manifest after River was supposedly attacked by a chi user from the Council of Souls. In reality it was Darius Lubran who attacked River, using an ability stolen from a Council of Souls agent.

Council Of Souls

Selena Orlov

Selena and River first met when Selena was hunting him as Target Δ (Target Delta).


Trauma Nurse

Due to his chosen profession River is highly skilled in emergency medicine and working under pressure. On a daily basis River had to assess patient's conditions and intervene to stabilize the patient. All of which he had to do with minimal information about the patient’s health and the events surrounding the accident. This high speed and pressure environment caused River to become highly proficient at making instantaneous decisions based off what he's observed.

Instantaneous Comprehension

River has the unusual ability to immediately comprehend any piece of information he is given at any time. An example of this being when 14 year old River learned the syllabus for the entire year of maths lessons in a single afternoon. This ability makes River a sponge for information, but this particular sponge never leaks or gets over full.

Chi Powers

Chi is both the energy produced by the human body and the ability to harness it. Those who can harness the energy can use it to enhance their physical abilities to superhuman levels.

Heaven Path Chi

Heaven Path Chi is the purest of the eight paths. It properties are light and purity, these properties make Heaven Path Chi the most potent in terms of energy production. All Heaven Path users are able to make use of light based techniques, some even able to mimic certain properties of light, such as its speed. Heaven Path Chi has seven common types of chi and one rare type of chi.

Harmonization Type Chi

Harmonization Type Chi, more commonly known as Harmony Type Chi, is a rare type that allows it to temporarily take on the abilities of other types of chi. As such it is able to make use of all common types by harmonizing with said other types. However the user can only do so by having another user of a common type to match with. Harmony users can also harmonize muscle memory, knowledge, memories and emotions permanently. As such they are able retrain the knowledge of the techniques they have harmonized.

Harmony users are the weakest in terms of abilities that are directly useful in combat, as they have no external manifestation abilities of their own. However in terms of the amount of energy available within them they are at a significant advantage to most, with many times the normal amount. These facts mean that Harmony users can either be smart in the way they employ their abilities and be extremely dangerous or non so smart with their employment and be completely useless.

Hyper Intuition

Hyper intuition is the unique harmony type technique of River Marshall. It allows the user to use all five physical senses as well as chi senses to process what is happening around them on a subconscious level. This technique also allows for enhanced information transmission and processing via the use of chi as non physical synapses and nerve transmitters. This has the effect of making the user faster, smarter and sharper in their senses. This makes the user able to analyse opponents instantly and create a strategy to counter their abilities.The down side of these enhanced senses comes from the sense of touch. Just as the sense of touch is enhanced by the use of chi as synapses and nerve transmitters, so is the users sense of pain and general sensitivity.

So far the only strategy that has been found to be effective against this ability is an instantaneous first strike with a powerful ability or technique. If the user misses with the first strike attack their chances of defeating the technique drops, on average, from 30% to 0.05%.


Childhood Life

River had a very stable and happy childhood,

Teenage Life

River was orphaned in his late childhood by a house fire that claimed the lives of his fraternal and maternal grandparents, his mother, his father and younger sister. Despite being the only survivor of this horrific incident River's personality and outlook on life was not affected. He went to live with the family of school friend who offered to take him in and act as foster parents.

He kept working hard and went to university to study nursing. He spent 3 years studying to become a nurse and graduated top of his class. Having completed university he was immediately given a position as a trauma nurse in the city's largest emergency room.