Ryder Vale

Ryder Vale (Close Up)

Bio Profile
Full Name Ryder Tiberian Vale
  • Shadow Ryder
  • Dark Flash Vale
Gender Male
Age 23
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Green
Height 6 foot 4
Build Muscular
Date of Birth 6th Day of The Eighth Phase
Status Alive
Species Alaran
Ethnicity Taminian
Blood Type G Type
Affiliation Profile
Affiliation Tamin Rangers
Rank Corporal
Role Scout
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • Dual Taminian Falchions
  • Alaran Reflex Bow
  • Taminian Throwing Blades
Magic Proficiency Dark Magics
Fighting Styles
  • Dual Wielding
  • Archery


Ryder is a survivor of the first major attempt to create a colony outside of Tamin super city in fifty years. His family were among the groups who traveled out to help protect the civilians as they constructed. As Alarans they were considered to be outsiders, but their protection was welcome in the colony. Soon after the colony was set up they were overrun by the Harg and its people slaughtered. Ryder barely survived by hiding in a heavy wooden chest as his family fought to protect their six year old child and the civilans. Three days later Ryder staggered back to the front gate of the Tamin, to tell the story as the only survivor.

Filled with hatred for the Harg, Ryder devotes his life to becoming a member of the elite regiment that travels between cities and defends the outside of the city walls.


Ryder is a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. Ryder is taller than average and due to his life or preparing for the military he is extremely toned and muscular.

Ryder regularly gets pulled up by non-ranged officers over the fact that his armour and uniform bear the crest of  The Alaran Republic instead of the crest of the Tamin Army.

Crest Of The Alaran Republic

The Crest Of The Alaran Republic


Ryder has a massive amount of suppressed anger towards both the Harg and the Tamin government, over the death of his family. However his rage against the Harg tends to overrule his hatred of the Tamin government. Ryder believes wholeheartedly that he was born to be a warrior. He follows the ancient Alaran Warrior Creed as way of life, dedicating himself to becoming the strongest warrior he can in order to protect the innocent civilians and reap vengeance upon the Harg swarms.



Dual Wielding Style

Ryder's primary weapons are pair of Taminian Falchion's that he wears almost constantly, even within the city limits.



Ryder's secondary weapon is his Alaran Reflex Bow. He uses it for long range combat and is a top class marksman. Ryder build's all his own bows

Throwing Blades

Ryder's tertiary weapon are set of Taminian Throwing Blades. He uses them rapid deployment medium range combat and is a top class marksman with them.


He is a master of tracking people and animals.

Escape and Evasion

Martial Arts



Dark Magics

Dark Magics are the inherited ability of the Alaran species to absorb and manipulate negative energy in spells. The casting can be extremely hard on the body and in some cases can kill the caster. Ryder has a great deal of difficulty controlling his Dark Magic abilities due to the massive amount of suppressed anger he has. As such he has occasional flare ups of Dark Magic power that cause him a great deal of pain.


Colony Disaster

As the sole survivor of the Colony Disaster, Ryder is the primary source of all historical information about what took place. Although his survival was kept quiet, it was not so much a secret but more of a little known fact. For the first year after returning to Tamin, Ryder could not remember anything about the disaster. However after a year the psychogenic amnesia, that prevented him from being able to remember the event faded away. Ryder had grown up a lot in the year between his sixth and seventh birthday and the fact he already knew the overall facts of what had happened to his family helped him overcome the shock of the memories resurfacing.


Ryder was always a fairly withdrawn individual, never relying on others unless he absolutely had to. He made the Alaran Warrior Creed his way of life and worked hard to make himself the best at everything he did. However despite his hard work he always did his best to conceal his work ethic, preferring to make his talents seem effortless instead of the hard won rewards that they were.

Joining The Military

Ryder had known since he returned from the Colony Disaster that he would become a soldier of Tamin.

The Tamin Rangers

Tamin Rangers Crest
The Tamin Rangers are the elite special forces group of the Tamin Army. They're trained to operate in small groups or alone guarding the intercity convoys and hunting Harg within ten miles of the city wall. They are the only members of the military authorized to operate outside the Tamin city wall and are only ever accompanied when they are escorting the merchants of the intercity convoys.

The Tamin Rangers are trained to be the best soldiers at the city's disposal. Forged into experts of escape and evasion, tracking and much more. They're missions usually involve operating extreme high risk situations and it is rare for them to not be in danger of death and dismemberment.

As the forces of the Tamin Army and the only group to regularly engage the Harg in combat, Ryder made it his goal to become a member of the regiment.