Ryshan Syranova

Ryshan Syranova (Zhao Yun 1)

Bio Profile
Full Name Ryshan Syranova
Titles The
Gender Male
Age 21
Date of Birth 7th Day in the 3rd Phase of Suurka
Status Alive
Species Haruyan
Ethnicity Half Farang/Half Drake
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Height 6 foot 4 inches
Weight 250 lbs
Family The Syranova Clan
Empire Service Record
  • Shàngxiào (Colonel)
  • Tèzhǒng Bùduì Dàwèi (Special Forces Captain)
  • Jìn Wèi Dàwèi (Palace Guard Captain)
  • The High Flame Guard
  • The Drake Empire
  • Farang Tribes
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • Bow Master
  • Sword Master
  • Lance Master
Magic Proficiency Farang Tribal Magics
Fighting Styles
  • Farang Hunter Style
  • Fong Lance Style


Ryshan is the young commander of the palace guard, having risen quickly through the meritocracy to high command. Famous for being the star student of The Drake Empire's great General Hatori Kimosabe, Ryshan spent his formative years training with his father and the palace guardsmen under his father's command. However after his father's death he was taken in by the general and trained to one day take his father's place.


Ryshan normally dresses in his military uniform


Despite being in the military, where officers have absolute authority over their subordinates, Ryshan is what would be described as a paternalistic democratic leader. A fact that causes the men under his commander much amusement considering he's the youngest person in the palace guard and as their leader has no need to ask their opinions.


Kya Temrain

Kya is the fugitive Ryshan is ordered to chase down.


Martial Arts Skills

Magic Skills



Ryshan's Longbow

Ryshan's Longbow

Ryshan's Lance

Ryshan's Lance


Ryshan Syranova (Zhao Yun) Ryshan Syranova Full Armour (Berserker) Ryshan's Wolf Mark