Sky Praetora

Sky Praetora Face Model

Bio Profile
Full Name Sky Praetora
Titles God of the Lightning Step
Gender Male
Age 20
Date of Birth 17th March
Ethnicity Misalli
Blood Type O Rh Negative
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 224 lbs
Service Record
Ships Served On
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency
  • Heat Edged Nodachi
  • Heat Edged Garrote
Fighting Styles


Sky Praetora graduated from Hereclisian Star Navy's Academy at top of his class, the corvette is his first command in the promotion pattern called the gold path, meant to give amazing young officers a chance to lead. He us the first Misalli to join the Hereclisian Star Navy. His people are famed as a powerful warrior race who long ago used genetic manipulation to enhance themselves.



Sky is a calm and reserved person most of the time who is a naturally gifted leader and a tactical genius. He extremely charismatic with ability to demand incredible loyalty. He has an innate ability to predict his opponents moves both with a sword and in a ship.

In terms of combat and leadership Sky is relatively inexperienced and on several occasions has to just ad-lib using his moral compass. He can be occasionally nervy. He has an occasional tendency to take big risks and can be too easily drawn into combat.

Fighting Styles

Lightning Step

The Lightning Step is the sword style of The Praetora Clan similar in style to battōjutsu that uses physical and mental training to allow for extreme high speed movements and attacks. The strength needed to perform this style to its fullest capacity also stems from the genetic enhancements of The Misalli. He can move at speeds that go beyond the human eye’s ability to see, which gives him the ability to create optical illusions in battle. His favorite attack, the Omi-Strike, is one of these illusions which to all but the highest trained seems as if he is attacking from every angle at once.

His tribe named him 'The God of The Lightning Step' because he advanced the skill of the technique to the point where he could disappear to the vision of even the previous master of the art. The Lightning Step sword style was created by an ancient member of Sky's Misalli tribe, who became know as the Lord of the Lightning Step, then next person to improve the style became known as The Prince of the Lightning Step, then The Queen Of The Lightning Step, then The King Of The Lightning Step before Sky Mastered The Lightning Step Sword Style and became The God Of The Lightning Step.

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The Praetora Clan


Rebel Army



Star Navy Academy

Officer Career


Sky Preatora Tribal Model

Sky dressed in his traditional Misalli battle garb

Sky Praetora (Misalli Garb)

Sky in ceremonial Misalli garb