Princess Sophiia al Lilyhelm
Sophiia al Lilygreen
Full Name Sophiia al Lilyhelm
Meaning Sophiia of the Lily Crown
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 20th October
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 5 foot 8 inches
Eye Colour Blue/Green
Hair Colour Pale Pink
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Professional Information
Affiliation Jedi Order, Council of First Knowledge
Class Jedi Shadow
Partner Cain
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Coruscant
Personal Information
Status Active
Jedi Style
Lightsaber Colour Purple Saber
Signature Blade Skill Alternating Blade Style
Force Abilities
Signature Light Power Sever Force
Signature Neutral Power Force Illusion
Signature Dark Power Drain Knowledge


Sophiia Lilyhelm was born the Princess on the planet Cymrus; whose royal family are famous throughout the galaxy for their crown of eternal lilies, the Lilyhelm. The royal family took their surname from the crown becoming the Lilyhelm Dynasty. At an early age Sophiia was offered to the Jedi Order at an older age than was normal, after her abilities were discovered. Instead of joining as a youngling she joined in mid-adolescence. As such her behavior is not the same as most Jedi who were raised by the order. She is more open to non-force or lightsaber based solutions.

Once she became a full fledged knight of the order, she was seconded to the Council of First Knowledge. Once there she was assigned the role of a Shadow.


Sophiia has a very clear and defined sense of right and wrong, something enhanced by the master to whom she was assigned.


Lightsaber Combat

Sophiia is an expert in the art of Vaapad, a highly aggressive form that redirects the opponents aggression back at them.


Jedi Arts



Sophiia's lightsaber have an unusual design in that it cannot be activated without fine force control. It's activation switch is internal, making it impossible to be activated without an extremely delicate level of control.

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