Starfleet Emblem

U.S.S. Beschützer

The U.S.S. Beschützer (lit. U.S.S. Protector) is an Ambassador Class Starship. Its first appearance in the series is at the break of The Siege of Camnien III.

U.S.S. Kashmir

The U.S.S. Kashmir is a Saber Class Starship.

U.S.S. Zheng He

The U.S.S. Zheng He is a Excelsior Class Starship.

U.S.S. Arondight

The U.S.S. Arondight is a Odyssey Class Star Cruiser.

R.R.W. Damocles

The R.R.W. Damocles is a modified Valdore Class Warbird.

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