Aquila Battleship
Stargate Atlantis: Aquila
Caiden Wolff
Olivia Läikiv

Chapter 1

Cool Under Fire

Stargate Control, Atlantis Central Tower

The quiet atmosphere of Stargate Control was shattered by the security alarm, an unscheduled off world activation. The security teams scrambled to take up defensive positions around the Stargate as it's shield went up.

"Status Report!" Colonel Carter's voice cut through the sound of the alarm. The soldier at the communications station played the radio signals through the PA. "This is Major Teldy, Sergeant Mehra has been hit and been pinned by a falling tree. She's unconcious and we can't get her free; we need immediate support and medevac." Colonel Carter wasted no time "Understood Major, expect the support team immenently." Carter ordered the stagate shut down.

"Give me the infirmary on comms." She said to the soldier at the station. A few moments later he signalled the line was open. "Colonel Carter to Infirmary, we have a search and rescue medevac situation off world. Who is in charge of the emergency response team today?" There was no response. "Carter to Infirmary, respond." Another few moments of silence before the radio crackcled inti life"....for gods sake Paul! Colonel Carter, this is Nurse Prac Wolff. Dr Crane is senior medic on duty, we're assembling the medical team and their equipment now. What sort of situation are we looking at?" Carter gave a surprised look at answer but gave details. "Sgt Mehra has been hit by a falling tree and pinned. Her team have been unable to free her." The man's voice quickly responded. "In that case can you have a team of combat engineers meet us in the jumper bay with circular saws and ropes. We're not equipped for true search and rescue ops." Carter looked impressed "Understood Mr Wolff, they'll meet you at the jumper bay. Carter out."

The man at the stargate ops station looked surprised and said "He's very demanding for a nurse." Carter shook her head "No, I remember now. Dr Keller showed me his file before he was approved for Atlantis. He's an expert in search and rescue, emergency medicine and critical care. He's probably the most qualified person for this mission. We're lucky he was on duty." The man pulled a face but said no more.

Jumper Bay, Atlantis Central Tower

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