Technore Prime

Technore Prime

Bio Profile
Full Name Ranjish Singh
Titles Technor Prime
Gender Male
Age 54
Date of Birth 15th May
Status Active
Ethnicity Unknown
Blood Type A Rh D Negative
Height 7 feet 9 inches
Weight Unknown
Family Unknown
Affiliation Planet Command
Rank Dictator
Loyalty Unnecessary
Power Profile
Power Name Technokinesis
Power Type Technology Manipulation
  • Cyber Space Control
  • Automaton Control
  • Nanobot Creation
  • Drone Creation
  • Cyber Armour


Technore Prime is the dictator that rules the world with an iron fist. His dark past shaped him from supremely gifted child to genius adolescent to adult super villain.



Technore Prime is a power obsessed despot, whose lust for control has led him to complete domination of the earth.



Mechanical Engineering

Advanced and Quantum Physics

Information Technology Engineering


Technokinesis is Technore's ability to manipulate technology, his power manifests as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation. This special and unnatural form of control allows physical interaction with machines and even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data.

Technore can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will. Technore can operate most technology just by touching, looking at it or touching it indirectly with another controlled machine. As a variation on electrical manipulation, Technore controls specific electrons and instructs them which items to engage or disengage. Technor is even able to use electrical impulses to gently control smaller metal parts, such as nanobots.



Rajnish was a poor child in a technologically obsessed society where those who were how did not possess the most up to date technology were socially ostracized until they could acquire something that was socially acceptable. Rajnish also suffered because of his unusual size, being above the normal size of people his age for his entire life. However Ranjish was a supremely gifted child and began constructing his own devices. His devices were soon more advanced than the socially acceptable devices, however he was still looked down upon as a social outcast.

For years he tinkered away, happy to play with broken things and invent new ones. His inventions made the lives of his family easier, doing work for them and earning them enough money to survive. When he turned 13 everything changed for Ranjish, he had become quite famous amongst the locals as the outcast who invented new machines. The people both admired his inventions and were socially disgusted by them.

As the rumors reached the major technology corporations, they realised that his teen held the future of technology within his mind. So they paid off the government with the latest technology to get them to turn a blind eye, then made their move for Ranjish. They sent an armed squad to their family home and grabbed Ranjish, killing his family and destroying his home to prevent anyone else getting their hands on his inventions.

Teenage Years

Ranjish was put in a cell and forced to create new inventions for the corporations or starve. This hard existence pushed him over the edge creating an fanatical belief that the world belonged to the strong and those who were weak are worthless. He began procuring and creating ever more advanced forms of technology. Some so advanced that the corporate scientist don't even understand that they're inventions.

At age 16 Ranjish invented his masterpiece machine, 'The Technokinetic Implant'. A piece of technology so powerful that he invented a machine to graft it to his brain stem to both protect it and himself. The technokinetic implant allowed Rajnish to take control of the facility where he was being held and use it for his own purposes.

Rise Of Technore


Destruction Of The Hero's

Birth of Technore Prime


  • The technokinetic ability of Technore was chosen for the ability for repeated indirect combat with the protagonist.
  • Technore's name was chosen to give an obvious image when his name is read or spoken.