In addition to his augment abilities Section 31 also ensured that Rex gained telekinetic abilities to provide additional advantages in espionage and combat.

Basic level


To keep object/being from moving.

Psionic Strength

This is Rex's ability to augment his already formidable physical strength with his telekinetic abilities e.g. throwing punches powerful enough to damage and disable opponent's weapons.


to lift an object, e.g. raising a pitcher several inches into the air.

Telekinetic Pull/Push

to pull objects towards the user, e.g. yanking a book off a shelf. Or to push objects away from the user, e.g. sliding a cup across a table.

Advanced level

Object Manipulation

to alter an object's inner workings, e.g. unlocking a door.

Spatial Sense

to "see" one's surroundings using telekinesis, e.g. sensing a target from a distance.

Telekinetic Compression

to crush an object, e.g. squeezing a chair into a ball.

Telekinetic Combat

to utilize telekinesis in combination of physical combat.

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