Hidden Heaven Forehead Protector

Hidden Heaven Forehead Protector

Tengokukagure (天国隠れの里, Tengoku Kakure no Sato, lierally meaning 'Village Hidden In The Heavens') is the hidden village in the Land Of Temples. The Tengokukagure is ruled by the Sorakaze (literally Sky Shadow). Although the nation is not a member of the Five Great Shinobi Countries it is considered to be one of the most formidable centres of jutsu creation in the world.

Formed by survivors of The Land Of The Sky the village itself floats above the Land of Temples, powered by an ancient flight technique powered by chakra users willingly giving their chakra to the seals.

Unusually the village is not made up entirely of Shinobi, but also posessing Samurai and Monks who combine their strengths from different backgrounds to create a harmonious society. Tengokukagure made its living as the secret source of many of the shiboni world's most famous and infamous techniques. Creating the techniques and then selling the methodology to the ANBU of many hidden villages.


1st Sorakage

The 1st Sorakage was the greatest survivng shinobi from the fall of The Land Of The Sky.

2nd Sorakage

Known Teachniques


Xiaoton (霄遁, Heaven Release) is a Kekkei Tōta composed of Wind Release, Lightning Release, and Yang Release. The Xiaoton bends space-time around the user, this allows the user to move and act normally which the entire world slows down around them. The more chakra the user pours into the technique, the greater their speed is enhanced to the point that the entire world will stop whilst they move normally.

Path of The Mortal Sage

This is the technique that allows the users to draw upon nature energy to power their techniques. Unlike other sage techniques the path of the Mortal Sage was created without the help of animal sages. It was brough into being by the users of the Xiaoton making use of their Ancestry Blending Technique. This created a sensitivity to nature energy which allowed them to begin sage training. However after barely being able to pass on their knowledge and power after failing to control the nature transformation the Xioaton users were forbidden to attempt its performance. They were relegated to the role of guides along the path until eventually they high death toll caused the Xiaoton to refuse to serve as guides any longer.

Eventually it was a risk taken by one of the Xiaoton users that brought the completed sage path into being.