The Abominationists Symbol


An extreme right wing, radical christian group who have risen to prominence within the american political sphere after the 2nd Korean War and the social/political shift  to the right caused by the nuclear attacks launched by North Korea. They originally gained power from the financial support of the right wing christian community.

However as their popularity grew they began exerting influence upon political figures, eventually converting them to their way of thinking by sheer force of will.


The Abominationists consider all people who deviate from their ideals as devil tainted abominations, who need to be converted in order to save their souls from eternal damnation. When The Abominationists discovered the existence of those with Quantum Lobes, they became convinced that they were the servants of the devil whose brains had been tainted by his touch. As such they stated that these souls directly touched by Satan's hand were beyond saving and then went on use their political clout to stir up a storm of fear mongering against those with the Quantum Lobes.

Their massed political clout and finances allowed them succeed in having Quantum Users classified as sub-humans and thereby removing all protections they possessed under the US constitution. Therefore any person or persons discovered to possess a quantum lobe is subject to incarceration and experimentation in order to discover a cure to prevent other such abominations from being created.

Whilst not true scientist they abominationist science groups are on the cutting edge of many fields. Though they have chosen to avoid several fields as the evidence within would conflict with their beliefs.


The Abominationists have a large amount of support in the American Christian community, especially since the advent of the 2nd Korean War and the social/political shift  to the right caused by the nuclear attacks launched by North Korea. The fear brought about by the attacks caused many to turn to faith in order to ease their fears of death. After the war ended many stayed with the church and the christian community gained much increased political power as many would vote the way their churches told them to.

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