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Believing their ships were unbeatable, they sent them deeper and deeper into Wraith-controlled territory, trying to weed us out.
— Todd

The Aurora-class battleship was a series of Lantean battleships used during the Lanteans' war with the Wraith. They are among the most advanced class of warships ever created.

This class of ship was first encountered by the Atlantis expedition in 2005 in the form of the Aurora, with only four having been encountered since the fall of the Lanteans, excluding those built by the Asurans.


A few more [ships] like this and we can give the Wraith a serious fight.
— Ronon Dex

In terms of design, ships of the Aurora-class are visually long and slender, being far longer than they are wide. They possess a light brown hull, with accents of dark brown outlining sections at the front and rear of the ships. While the Aurora-class overall appears rather sleek and symmetrical, the hull of the ships appears visually "chunky", being lined with arrays of weapons turrets, reinforcements, windows, and other systems.

In terms of size, ships of the Aurora-class are quite large. For reference, Aurora-class ships are several times longer, taller, and wider than a Tau'ri BC-304, and possess several times the internal space as well. They are far more comparable in size to a Wraith Hive ship, though even still appear smaller.

In addition to being used extensively by the Lanteans, the Aurora-class was used extensively by the Asuran replicators. Until their destruction in 2008, and following the departure of the Ancients from the Pegasus galaxy 10,000 years ago, the Asurans were the only race actively constructing new vessels of the class, using it as their main class of battleship. Though the Asuran variant appears mostly identical to those used by the Lanteans, it is unclear if they posses all the same attributes; While the Lanteans were allowed to make advancements to the class for hundreds of years after 'destroying' the Asurans, the design used by the Asurans remained stagnant in that time.




Ships of the Aurora-class boast an arsenal of drone weapons capable of destroying a Wraith Hive ship in a single salvo. They are fired using the control chair. The drones themselves are released from a reservoir located on the top middle of the ship.


For secondary weaponry, Aurora-class ships feature at least 16 pulse weapon turrets placed around the ship, allowing for complete coverage of the vessel. While these weapons are far less effective than drone weapons, they are still capable of heavily damaging a Wraith Hive ship and destroying a shielded Traveler generational ship after sustained fire. Though the turrets for the pulse weapons appear to be present on all Aurora-class ships, they have predominantly seen use on those Aurora-class ships utilized by the Asurans.

Energy and power systems

Eventually we were able to capture three Aurora-class ships, each one powered by a ZPM.
— Todd

Though the primary energy source of the Aurora-class is unknown, the Lantean's were known to occasionally supplement the ship's main power supply with a Zero Point Module. Under such power, the Tria was able to travel at .999 the speed of light for over 10,000 years. Even without a ZPM, an Aurora-class ship may remain fully powered and operational for thousands of years.



Aurora-class ships possess extremely powerful shields. They are capable of repelling sustained weapons fire from a Wraith Hive ship with minimal bleed-through. In terms of color, the shields appear a dark, translucent brown. Unlike the "bubble" shields used by the ships of most races, the Aurora-class's shields closely couture the hull of the ship.

Though powerful, they have proven susceptible to Asgard plasma beam weapons; The shields of the Aurora-class ships utilized by the Asurans have shown to fail after a mere handful of shots.

The Hull of the Aurora-class is highly durable as well. The Aurora remained operational after having experienced battle damage so severe that the entire front end of the ship had been destroyed. During the Battle of the Void, the bare hull of the Orion was similarly able to survive a massive barrage of weapons fire from a Hive ship for several minutes before succumbing to the assault. In contrast, during the same battle, the Daedalus' hull was able to survive only six single shots before becoming critically damaged.

Hyperdrive and propulsion systems

There are two different types of Ancient hyperdrive. There's the more basic interstellar kind, like the one the Aurora has, and then there's the more powerful intergalactic kind.
— Dr. Rodney McKay
File:MyancientshipOrion 2.JPG

The Aurora-class possesses the fastest sublight engines known to exist. Though they are typically operated at conventional sublight speeds, the Tria's engines were modified to be able to sustain .999 of the speed of light for 10,000 years. The sublight engine units are located at the rear of the ship. There, a grouping of four individual and roughly triangular-shaped engine units are located on either side of a central grouping composed of three smaller circular units. Furthermore, further up along the ship's length, there is a single circular engine unit present on both sides of the ship positioned on a section of the hull that protrudes away from the ship's midsection.

The original design of all Aurora-class ships included an interstellar hyperdrive, limiting the vessel for operation only within the Pegasus galaxy. As the Ancients clearly possessed intergalactive hyperdrive technology at the time that the Aurora-class was created (as such hyperdrives were present on city ships which had originally been created millions of years prior) it is possible that this interstellar limit was intentional, perhaps to prevent the Wraith from reverse-engineering their own intergalactic drive. Despite not possessing them natively, the interstellar hyperdrives of Aurora-class ships may be modified to traverse intergalactic distances.

Other systems


Aurora-class ships possess a subspace communications array allowing them to send out distress signals or communicate at faster-than-light speeds with other vessels at interstellar distances. They can also project stable holograms onto other ships capable of also projecting sound.

To protect the crew in the event of critical damage, ships of the Aurora-class are equipped with several hundred stasis pods. While in stasis, the mind of each person can be connected through the ship's main computer as to allow for virtual interaction with the other crew members in stasis. While these pods significantly slow aging, they do not fully stop it; Over the course of 10,000 years, the adult crew of the Aurora was severely aged to the point that removing them from stasis would have immediately resulted in their deaths.

Interior layout

Auxiliary Control Room

File:Aurora-class battleship auxilary control room.JPG

Much like Lantean City-ships, Aurora-class battleships contain a secondary control center where ship systems can be controlled If the bridge was ever destroyed or made uninhabitable. From this position, a crewman was capable of tracking the activities of individuals throughout the ship, scan life signs, and control access to corridors. Numerous control terminals were present in the room, which mimic the consoles on a City-ship in appearance. Through it, he was able to launch drones at the enemy ship and determine how many Wraith had boarded the vessel. It only has to be activated, then it can be used by anyone. [citation needed]


File:Aurora bridge.JPG

The bridge of the Aurora-class controls most (if not all) basic systems required for the battleship to function. It is situated in the middle of the upper side of the ship with the front side being a large window. The bridge consists of panels and displays similar to those of the Atlantis control room, but some designs also feature a control chair for navigation that allows a person with the Ancient Technology Activation gene to control most if not all functions of the ship. This chair differs from other Lantean control chairs, such as the ones found on Earth and Atlantis, and is likely less advanced as it only receives input from the user's hand, much like those on Puddle Jumpers.



These vessels contain brigs which are used to detain prisoners and appeared as metal bars which could hold enemies. On the Aurora, the brig is an empty room divided into two sections by bars with forcefields between them. On another Aurora-class battleship, the brig was smaller and used more physical wall and less forcefield. Both brigs are similar in design to the cells on the City-ships. It is also possible that all variations of the Aurora-class have both types of brig, used for storing different types, or different numbers, of prisoners.

Weapons control platform


Many of the qualities of an Aurora-class battleship are similar to that of a Lantean City-ship. This includes the chair room, where a Lantean control chair, also known as a weapon's control platform, is present in the middle which allows the use of the ship's complement of Drone weapons. Presumably, the ship's other weapons are also controlled here. It is located at the rear of the vessel and contained a visual screen on the wall which contained a display of certain systems. It was possible for a person to be sealed in the room.

Other locations

  • Captain's quarters.
  • Drone storage.
  • At least 3 Hangar Bays.

Known ships

During the course of the Atlantis expedition's tenure in the Pegasus galaxy, several Aurora-class battleships have been encountered or referenced, the vast majority of which have remained unnamed, such as the Traveler's Aurora-class battleship. Known ships include the Aurora, Orion (originally named Hippaforalkus), and Tria.


  • If consideration is how a 3km ship would compare to the rest of the ships fielded by other races. If we use this own site's ship listing as canon, it makes the Aurora-class ship 3 times larger than an Ori warship, approximately 15 times larger than a Daedalus-class ship, consequently 30 times larger than a Traveler vessel, listed as approximately half the size of a Daedalus-class. Each Aurora would also be larger than individual Hive ships, as a Hive ship is considered 13x larger than a Daedalus.
  • The Lantean name for this class of ship has never been revealed. However, Replicator Keller called them Aurora-class as well though she may have been using this name as it was the one the Organic Asuran copies of the team knew.
  • "Aurora" is the Latin for "dawn".

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