The Maagel are a supposedly mythical artificially created race of predatory planet strippers. The Maagel move from civilisation to civilisation through space, using their time between planet falls to build up their forces.

The Doctor states that The Maagel should never have arrived on Pantheos, saying "Pantheos survived peacefully for another 1000 years after The Diamond Fall. The even called it the Diamond Age. This cannot be happening! Something has changed, someone has changed the past!"

Known Maagel Units


Maagel Androgyform

The Androgyforms are command class of the Maagel. They seem to act as command nodes within the hive mind controlling small clusters of Genobeasts and swarms of Aviskavs. The Androgyforms also act as combat unit with the ground forces. Whilst they are not extremely fast or strong the Androgyforms seem to always learn from the mistakes of their fellows, even if the mistakes got them killed. This means that the more of them who face the Pantheosians and Samugen, the more effective they become.


Maagel Genobeast
The Genobeasts are the primary weapon of the of the Maagel. The beasts are mildly resistant to most projectile and energy weapons. This makes them very difficult to kill and therefore an extremely effective front line weapon.

In addition to being tough the Genobeasts are fast and very strong. They do not rely on weapons or ammunition, using blasts of bio-energy from the mouth and growable spikes to kill their prey. When they die their bodies are recovered for their bio-mass to be reconstituted into a new body.


Maagel Aviskavs
The Aviskavs are the small winged scorpion like creatures that slowly dissolve and strip away all forms of bio-matter. They are the Avian Scavengers